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Meatrix 2
by Robert Cohen

Some Say Heroic; I Say Pathetic

Here we go again. Phase two of: The Meatrix. See: 

In November of 2003, I became one of many millions of Internet viewers to watch the Meatrix cartoon....but the lone voice who criticized that universally acclaimed movie as a betrayal to animals and vegetarian ideals.

That so-called animal-friendly film (it was not) fooled PETA, Farm Sanctuary and countless other vegetarian organizations which listed links to the film front and center on their websites. PETA and Farm Sanctuary went so far as to promote the film to raise funds that ultimately betrayed animals due to the passage of compassionate slaughter laws.

There is no such thing as compassionate slaughter. The concept of compassionate killing is a delusion. Not-so in Treblinka. Not in Auschwitz. Not in any of America's slaughterhouses.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered who was really behind the production of the original Meatrix film. I wrote the following on November 6, 2003:

Vegetarian Message? Not!

So what if MEATRIX is about eating meat...Do these once-compassionate orgs give a damn? Apparently not.

Who is behind this cleverly-made non-vegetarian movie which demonstrates how easy it is to fool most of the people, most of the time?

A list of the consultants who contributed to the MEATRIX:

Chris Petersen - Factory Farm Consultant
Chris is a pork producer in North Central Iowa who raises pigs for ham and bacon.

Leslie Seff - Director, Sustainable Energy Project
Leslie raises sheep for their wool in New York's Hudson Valley.

Terry Spence - Factory Farm Consultant
Terry owns and operates a 400-acre, beef cow/calf farm in Putnam County, Missouri.

Lisa Bechthold - Factory Farm Consultant
Lisa Bechthold raises and sells quarter horses on her farm in Foremost, Alberta, Canada.

Sue Jarrett - Factory Farm Consultant
Sue is a California rancher who raises beef for fast food restaurants. Before slaughter, she sends her cattle to feedlots to be fattened on corn.

Have you yet to grasp the true nature of the MEATRIX, and those who have chosen to support and promote it?

In April of 2006, Meatrix-2 hit the World Wide Web.

This time around, there is no mistaking the intentions of meat and milk producing propagandists.

In the initial scene, a voice over informs viewers:

"In the past two years, we've freed over 10 million minds from the Meatrix. People are waking up to where their food
comes from and are starting to buy healthier sustainable animal products. You've done well, Leo."

As the voice over plays, cartoons are shown of consumers purchasing "grass fed" slices of cow, "pasture-raised" cartons of eggs, whatever they might be, and "organic" containers of milk.

Don't be fooled this time around as most naive animal rights do-gooders were fooled in 2003. The Meatrix-2 is a propaganda film that intends to have viewers eat meat and eggs and drink milk from so-called compassionate farm operations. Show me a photograph of the compassionate executioner. There is just no such animal.