December 1, 2006

CLEVELAND -- Congressman Dennis Kucinich thinks we need tougher laws to protect the animals we use as food.

He watched our story on a special prosecutors investigation into how swine are treated at a Wayne County farm.

The Humane Farming Association, a non-profit animals rights group sent in an undercover investigator. That investigator spent two months on the Wiles farm. His camera caught animals being kicked, even killed. During our follow up story we did not show the most disturbing acts caught on tape but Congressman Dennis Kucinich came by the Channel 3 studios and saw the tape. He was stunned.

"There needs to be federal laws which make it very clear that animals raised for food have to be treated in a humane way," said Kucinich.

The Congressman says when the new congressional session begins he'll work to stop this and to make laws like the Humane Slaughter Act tougher.
"I think what's shocking is the callousness and disregard for the animals, throwing the animals and strangling the animals by the rope for example," said Dr Stephen Kaufman, the local President of Vegetarian Advocates.

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