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Guidelines for Humane Euthanasia of Farm Animals

August 1, 2012

NEW DELHI: Animal rights activists have applauded the efforts of some state governments for committing to follow the international guidelines of euthanasia of animals that have been affected by disease outbreaks. Till now, during any disease outbreak like bird flu, thousands of birds are ruthlessly culled. However, the recently released World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) guidelines prescribes a more humane method of euthanasia.

The World Organization for Animal Health

 (OIE), of which India is member, is the intergovernmental authority responsible for improving animal health worldwide. It gathers expertise from veterinary practitioners around the world; the OIE has developed standards and procedures for the culling of animals during disease outbreaks. "We hope that these guidelines are implemented on the ground during cull operations. FIAPO, through its member organizations will keep a strict vigil and ensure implementation," said Arpan Sharma, CEO of FIAPO.

State governments of Karnataka, Puducherry, Bihar, Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir have agreed to implement the OIE guidelines .

"By mandating more humane approaches in implementing disease control measures, the Karnataka government is taking an important step toward improving the treatment of farm animals," said N G Jayasimha, manager of Humane Society International's factory farming campaign in India.

The Animal Welfare Board of India has also supported Humane Society International's suggestion that nitrogen and other inert gases or barbiturate injection must be used as first choices when euthanizing affected farm animals, as these methods cause the least amount of pain.

Guidelines for euthanasia of farm animals
Jayashree Nandi

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