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Grandin: Balance Science, Perception

Feedstuffs Foodlink, April 23, 2012

Depending on whom you ask, Colorado State University animal science professor Temple Grandin is either a genius or a fraud.

To thousands of professional animal scientists, producers and processors, she is the nation's pre-eminent scholar on issues of animal handling, welfare and well-being. To her detractors, she is often painted as self-aggrandizing and overly eager to abandon sound science and look to "mob rule" as the guiding principle behind sound animal husbandry.

To hear Grandin describe her values, research and principles in her own words, she is simply a realist, advocating a balance between science and perception as the next critical step in an evolving relationship between food producers and consumers.

"Most of the time, I want to use science, but then, you get into things like an animal living in a box where it can't turn around for most of its life, and that's a degree of confinement people just aren't going to accept," Grandin explained in an interview with Feedstuffs.

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