The link goes to a streaming video which shows how some animals are raised and slaughtered. Most of you will chose not to watch it. Those that start to watch it probably won't finish. For those of you who can get through the video it should be a transformational moment. What I'm asking you to watch will make you uncomfortable, yet the food choices we make have consequences. What we eat affects the lives of other living creatures. If you are a responsible human being you should at least know what affects your choices create. If nothing else you may understand why vegetarians chose that diet.

It explains AR and the truth about factory farming in a non-graphic manner and introduces children to pigs, cows and chickens in a positive manner, destroying the myth that these are boring and unintelligent animals. 
 download the video: factory farm video-truth.flv

About the misconceptions people have about the needs of farmed animals. No graphic content but instead uses a humorous approach:

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Video: Farm Sanctuary, My Friends at the Farm

Video: Old MacDonald's Factory Farm

Video: What's the difference?
WARNING : Animal Cruelty images in this short video. Very moving and very powerful. There is no difference between the crimes against farm animals and companion animals:

Your Days of Ignorance are Over

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