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From Farm to Fork now in Schools

A brand new film for schools...

From Farm to Fork has been produced for Animal Aid, a charity making real
progress for animals worldwide.

The film, which looks at factory farming, has been created for an audience of 11-14 year olds and is being offered free of charge on DVD to all of the schools in the UK. We have already had a very positive response from teachers and are pleased that the film is allowing students to make a more informed choice about where their food comes from.

Animal Aid is a very inspiring charity to work with and we are thrilled to have recently been invited to work with them on more productions which will be released later this year.

If you would like to find out more about Animal Aid or arrange your own screening of From Farm to Fork email or visit their website

Thank you very much for your interest in Environment Films. We look forward to being in touch again in a week or so - when we'll be sharing the trailer for one of the productions we're working on at the moment - our feature length documentary With Landscape in Mind. More news soon.

Till then all the best,
the Environment Films team.

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