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Dairy Farms - large and small

A Matter of Terms and Perspectives

"The filth and noise of the crowded streets soon destroy the elasticity of health which belongs to the country boy." - Rutherford B. Hayes

A September 5, 2011 Associated Press story comparing factory farms to small family dairies concluded:

"Wis. Study Finds Big Dairies Produce Cleaner Milk" ALeqM5iBVdAKRuqSN9C2KSWGG9s7w-bK-w?docId=8369badcf095485aaf4860d842e2663c

In other words, dairy researchers found that factory farms produce less filthy and disgusting milk containing fewer bacteria and pus cells than the milk found on family farms.

Is this good news for the dairy industry? Their adnission that there is no such concept as clean milk is astonishing. Do mega-dairies have "cleaner" milk than milk from family farms? Does milk from family farms have filthier milk than milk from factory farms?

It's all pus to me!

The Associated Press reporter (Dinesh Ramde) writes:

"Lead researcher Steve Ingham said he did the study because he wanted to see whether there was a link between milk quality and the size of a dairy farm. He said the results cast doubt on the perception that big dairies can't matcher smaller ones in terms of quality."

We now know the truth as presented by the dairy industry. All milk is unclean, but in an Orwellean sense, some milk is uncleaner than other milk.

By reporting this truth, the joke is on them.

Robert Cohen

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