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Dairy Cow Slaughter

When ordering a Big Mac, most people do not realize that they are actually eating ground-up Elsie.

When having it "Your Way" most people do not realize that "California Happy Cows" form the all-beef patties inside of sesame seed buns.

Most people believe that Angus and other beef cattle are raised for their meat which ends up as fast food burgers. That belief is not entirely true. Cheap meat from old, diseased cows who no longer produce enough milk to be profitable is what feeds Americans at lunch time.

In 2006, 2,300,000 dairy cows were slaughtered to supply America's fast food restaurants and school lunch programs.

In 2007, 143,000 additional cows were slaughtered. The meat from those cows representing the entire increase over 2006 slaughter numbers (and then some) was recalled after it was learned that there was significant abuse at the slaughterhouse. Much of that (possibly) contaminated meat from "downer cows" was consumed by school children long before the actual USDA recall.

How many dairy cows from so-called happy farms will be slaughtered in 2008? With a growing tidal wave of going out of business dairy farm sales, the numbers will increase dramatically. Those tranquil farm scenes depicted on milk cartons will be, in reality, 2008's killing fields.

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com

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