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"Compassionate" Vegetarians Who Eat Dairy

"Compassionate" Vegetarians Who Eat Dairy

Linda McCartney was a compassionate vegetarian who ate dairy products until her death from breast cancer.

Are you a compassionate vegetarian who continues to eat cheese because it tastes so good and does not harm cows? If so, you might change your mind after being the "fly on the wall" and reading a commentary published by Dairy Action, an online dairy newsletter:

"Where's The Beef?" At World Dairy Expo (August 11, 2010)

"One of my favorite exhibits at World dairy Expo is the Wisconsin Beef Council (WBC). Don't tell anyone but they serve beef samples and Angie Horkan, WBC director of marketing, said in Wednesday's DairyLine that they love exhibiting at Expo because the dairy industry is an extremely vital part of the WBC.

Horkan said,

"The dairy industry doers heavily invest in the beef industry, and all of our dairy cattle turn into beef, especially ground beef so when we're there we like to feature what we're doing with ground beef, how we're adding value, we're taking ground beef from the chuck and turning it into different cuts like the beef value cuts the flat iron and the shoulder tender and the Denver cut. These new cuts that are adding value that gets back to dairy producers."

Linda McCartney didn't get it. Had she seen this, it might have saved her life:

Anybody still not get it?

Robert Cohen

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