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Last Moment of Grace - Baby Cow Searches for Mom - April 2016
7 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Cows - April 2015
How To Kill a Baby Cow - Nov 2014
Undercover video alleges dairy cattle abuse - Sept 2014
Veal Crates - April 2014
Calves Experience Emotions Like Depression, Anxiety - January 2014
Inspiring Cows - Dec 2013
Red Alert from the Green Book at the White House - Dec 2013
Don't Worry, Those Cows Are Just Crying Over the Loss of Their Babies - November 2013
Lives, Feelings of Cows - October 2013
Emily Deschanel delivers the sad truth about dairy - May 2013
Life of a Dairy Cow - movie - Jan 2013
Solitary Confinement - October 2012
Things That Go Moo in the Night - August 2012
Outrage over scenes of day-old calves being shot - June 2012
Crazed Cows do Not Kill Farmers - May 2012
A Motherless Child... On Mothers Day - May 2012
California's Unhappy Cow Farmers - April 2012
Udderly Awful - Gia Campola, Jan 2012
Separating a Cow from Her BFF Makes Her MOOdy - July 2011
Tragedy, Comedy, and Dairy Irony - May 2011
The TAO of Cow - May 2011
Frostbitten Calves Euthanization Gets Chilly Reception - April 2011
Each Slice of Pizza - April 2011
The Cruelty of Leather in India - Nov 2010
Boos for Cheeses - Sept 2010
The Dairy Cow : The most overworked mother on the planet - Sept 2010
The Life of a Male Calf - Sept 2010
"Compassionate" Vegetarians Who Eat Dairy
Conklin Dairy Farms Cited for Carcass Burial Pit - May 2010
Not Grass-Fed, but at least Pain-Free - Mar 2010
Notmilkman's USDA Testimony - Mar 2010
Jonathan Safran Foer: How cows become beef - Feb 2010
Undercover Dairy Videos - Feb 2010
The debate of the ethics of stalls is online: flash/091015_ethics_lecture.html - Nov 2009
Dairy's Compassion-For- Animals Scheme - November 2009
Undercover Investigation inside Land 'O Lakes - November 2009
Cow escapes from abattoir, hides in drain - August 2009
The End of Veal Calves from Dairy Cows? - May 2009
Cows, Like Us, are Happier if Given More Attention - February 2009
Happy cows slide presentation-- download as adobe.pdf; download as MS.ppt
Feral Cows - September 2008
Toxic Business - April 2008
Dairy Cow Slaughter - March 2008 "Doreen the downer" - animated cartoon - Feb 08
A Beef With Kobe - by Robert Cohen
Have You Ever Felt Like a Wounded Cow? - by Robert Cohen
Downed Cow: This Story Will Change Your Life
Mad Cowboy -- Eating with Conscience Tour '98. Howard Lyman, Oprah Winfrey, more.
Angry Cows Kill Dairy Farmers - February 2007
Mills vs. Dairy -- Heather Mills tackles the dairy industry.
Anim1 -- Flash movie and song about Cows
Don't Drink Milk -- Good reason not to drink your milk. For more reasons, go to
Cost of Milk -- The True Cost of Milk
Downed -- The connection between beef and dairy
Frankensteer -- Oct. 2005. How the ordinary cow has been turned into an antibiotic-dependent, hormone-laced potential carrier of toxic bacteria, all in the name of cheaper food.
    Frankensteer 2 -- Ever wonder what exactly is in that ground beef you buy at the supermarket?
Video Clip. A cow who is too weak to move is dragged by her leg. She falls off the truck ramp onto the floor. Clip by Farm Sanctuary. 3.63 megabytes, 30 seconds long. More Farm Sanctuary factory farming clips can be found at
Calf in crate  Calf whipped -- Short .avi videos showing mistreatment of calves
Israel -- Dehorning without Anasthesia Banned in Israel. A directive by the Veterinary Service also prohibits tail-docking in cows.
Secret Life -- The secret life of moody cows, by Jonathan Leake
Hiding Mad Cow Disease -- Feds 'Hiding Mad Cow Cases'. American Records Not Credible, Former Packing Plant Vet Says. By Duncan Thorne
Cow Images -- Posters and Graphics in support of cows

Cow Leadership
Cow Saves Deer

Cow Slaughter: LIVE COW ... COW STILL ALIVE ... BEING SHREDDED... ALIVE...People that don't eat meat, know better and may not want to witness this. Those THAT do eat meat may not want witness this BUT SHOULD...Meet your Meat ...   http://www.break. com/usercontent/ 2008/7/Cow- Meat-Shredder- 529904.html

http://vids. 80/index. cfm?fuseaction= vids.individual& VideoID=19439882 - Dairy, brutal industry. The male calves are either killed at birth, or sent to the veal farm. Females are confined in the same way, waiting to be dairy cows. The spent dairy cows are sent to slaughter for low grade hamburger. Vegetarians, cut the crap - go vegan!


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