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Boos for Cheeses

Boos for Cheeses

"Corporate Responsibility - Being a successful company goes well beyond onsite, daily operations. For Hilmar Cheese Company, it's about giving back to the community and industry that supported a dream..." - Hilmar Cheese website

If you are unlucky enough to live in Hilmar, California, (midway between Sacramento and Fresno), you no longer have tap water to drink or to bathe your body or to wash your clothes.

Cheese manufacturing is the reason.

The Hilmar Cheese company converts 15 million pounds of California's Happy Cow milk into 1.4 million pounds of unhappy cheese each day, and by doing so for for the past 24 years, has slowly destroyed a precious environmental resource.

Hilmar has discharged so many chemicals into the ground as a result of their patented manufacturing processes, that bathing and drinking water from aquifers and wells have become unfit for human use.

What do residents who live near this cheese processor get? Nearly 800 Californians are employed by Hilmar to produce $1 billion in yearly cheese revenues. In return, thousands of tons of nitrates, acids, and arsenic have crystallized underground to compromise the water for the future.

Robert Cohen

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