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Angry Cows Kill Dairy Farmers

What makes a cow angry enough to attack and kill a human?

During this first week of February, 2007, two dairy farmers were brutally slain by cows in separate incidents for the same crime against nature.

In Ohio, one cow killed a farmer after he separated mother from calf shortly after birth.

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In Australia, a dairywoman died for the very same reason:,,21163385-5005961,00.html

http://tinyurl. com/399qje

Cows are not usually angry or aggressive creatures. The human act of separating mother from child is the most inhumane act to be found on a dairy farm. Those vegetarians who eat dairy products must take responsibility for this horrible lack of compassion, for that is the nature of the dairying business.

The insult of marketing "Happy Cows" in California is no more than a deceptive lie. To be witness to the angry crying of the mothers, or the pathetically sad moans from the calves is to know and be haunted by an infinite sadness which all mammals share in similar circumstance.

A November 19, 2001 story in Canada's National Post revealed that "dumb farm animals" are smarter than they look and that they actually feel pain.

According to the Post:

"Cows have the ability to reason. Sheep have remarkable memories. Pigs have sensitive feelings."


Canadian researchers have demonstrated that dairy cows are more sophisticated than farmers realize.

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