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The Hidden Costs of Factory Farming - Brussels

January 20, 2011
Invitation to The Hidden Cost of Factory Farming - Pig Business :
Time for Change, Brussels

Screening and Debate
European Parliament, Brussels
9 February, 2011

José Bové MEP (Greens), Dan Jorgensen MEP (S&D) and Janusz Wojciechowski MEP

(ECR) invite you to attend and support the above event which is lobbying for changes in EU agricultural policies.

Please invite your representatives and contacts in the EU Parliament, Commission etc to attend (Click here for a suggested letter) and, if appropriate, recommend that your members write to their regional MEPs asking them to attend (Click here for an example from another NGO).

The event will focus on:

Recognising that the profitability of factory farming depends on externalising its true costs onto the broader community.

How the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) post 2013 can help European agriculture move away from industrial livestock production to sustainable, humane and autonomous forms of animal husbandry that will curb environmental pollution and human diseases, increase biodiversity and sustain rural livelihoods.

The need for better enforcement of the EU Directive on the welfare of pigs and for this Directive to be strengthened.

We are inviting MEPs, including those on the agriculture and environment committees, commissioners, political advisors, industry, press and NGOs.

Date: 9 February, 2011
Time: 15:00 - Pig Business film screening
16:00 - 18:00 Presentations and debate
Location: Paul-Henri Spaak building, Room P1A002
Sponsoring MEPs: José Bové MEP (Greens - France), Dan Jorgensen MEP
(Socialists & Democrats - Denmark) and Janusz Wojciechowski MEP (European
Conservative & Reformists - Poland)

Introduction: Tracy Worcester, director and producer of the film Pig Business
Screening of Pig Business: 15:00 – 16:00
Presentations and debates: 16:00 – 18:00

Economic and social costs: MEP José Bové / René Louail - Farmer
Environmental costs: MEP Dan Jorgensen / Mute Schimpf - FOE Europe / Antje
Koelling - IFOAM EU Group
Human and animal health: MEP Janusz Wojciechowski / Peter Stevenson -
Compassion in World Farming / Human health speaker TBC

(it is essential that you register by the 2nd of February 2011)

The film Pig Business is available to watch on our website in the following

Chinese (Cantonese); Danish; Dutch; French; German; Italian; Polish;
Portuguese; Romanian; Slovenian; Spanish; Ukrainian & English. US & Canadian versions of the film also available.

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Please share your thoughts with us after watching Pig Business.

To order a DVD or find out more about how to embed Pig Business into your
consumer education campaign, please contact a member of the team at

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