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Animal Liberation is shocked to today discover that egg carton labeling in the ACT may be repelled within a month. The "BATTERY CAGED EGGS" label that is on all ACT produced battery egg cartons is in danger of being repelled because the ACT Government has reviewed its Food Bill and is soon to vote on in the Legislative Assembly.

On the 20 September 1999 the ACT introduced labeling laws on battery egg cartons, which was an Australian first. The egg carton labels inform consumers of the methods under which eggs are produced and allows the egg-buying public to make an informed choice about which eggs they choose to buy.

Michael Moore, the ACT Health Minister, has not consulted with Animal Liberation about this total change in egg carton labeling. Animal Liberation ACT worked for 5 years to get the legislation in place and now we have only one month to try to save it.

The label on battery caged egg cartons must stay because consumers have a right to know which eggs are battery eggs. If the ACT Government removes these labels then consumers will be more mislead by deceptive wording and graphics on egg cartons.

At the moment words like 'grain fed', 'vegetarian eggs', and 'farm fresh' are used to sell battery eggs and this confuses consumers. Truthful and accurate labeling is the only way to uphold consumer rights to know what they are buying.


Please contact the following ACT politicians and urge them NOT to wipe out egg carton labeling:

Michael Moore MLA
Health Minister
ph: (02) 6205 0166
fax: (02) 6205 0431

Leader of the Opposition
ph: (02) 6205 0106

Simon Corbell MLA
Opposition Whip
ph: (02) 6205 0000
fax: (02) 6205 0535