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VIDEO--Refined Battery Cages: The Truth

THIS is the fate HSUS and others are insisting is an improvement. It is not. It is a step backward, way back, something to mislead the public into thinking, now, hens no longer suffer.

They do suffer. They suffer beyond what we can ever imagine. Every minute, of every day.

Watch this and draw your own conclusion. Give yourself wings and put yourself in one of these 'refined' cages and try to imagine: this is your life. Any organization that supports such industry oriented so-called 'change' is betraying the lives they are claiming to improve. Any leader who claims, this is victory, this is progress, this is truly better--is MISleading. They are counting on your blind faith and your belief in them. They are counting on your trust.

Refined cages are a big business deal: they are NOT progress. Refined cages are about money, not lives. Refined cages are about suffering, not relief from suffering.

Put yourself behind these bars, and then: you decide. Decide for yourself. And when you open your eyes, you'll be free. By the billions, these hens will remain behind, suffering broken beaks, broken feathers, broken bones, each of their lives a living nightmare, every natural inclination, denied. Suffering every single second, they exist.

Support refined cages and their blood is on your hands.

Linda Brink

Director, Sunnyskies Bird & Animal Sanctuary

Warwick, NY

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