Foie Gras Video October 2012
What is Foie Gras? -- Article by EarthKind
Foie Gras Cruelty -- August 2006. Petitions and more.
Food For Sadists -- Dec. 2005. Proposed advertisement
foie gras fighters -- Nov 2005. Two long-time activists form to shed light on foie gras
Foie Gras a Sin -- Oct 2005. Force feeding of birds a sin. By Matthew Scully
Foie Gras Hearing -- Sept 2005. Foie gras ban gets vivid hearing. By Fran Spielman.
foie gras article -- Aug, 2005. Cruel delicacy's goose is cooked in the Big Apple.
On Foie Gras -- March 2005. Chicago Tribune on Foie Gras.
Disease as Treat -- Foie Gras article from Farm Sanctuary News.
Foie Webs -- Foie Gras web sites.
Foie Gras Law -- Starting today (1 April 2005): force-feeding of geese and ducks is illegal in Israel!
Movie of Foie Gras Goose too tired to get away from rats. Read about it first: duck-rat video -- `Horror' video causing a flap


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