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Compassion Over Killing's commercial to expose the reality behind a Dunkin' Donuts' egg supplier.

Chickens Are Conscious When Slaughtered - Oct 2016
Penelope the Wonder Chicken - Dec 2015
Broiler Chickens - July 2015
Humane Hoax Video - May 2015
Free to Cage: Proposition 2 Exposed - Feb 2015
   Chickens in cages: Prop 2 working "as planned"
Meet Larry - A Little Chick Finds Love and a Home - Jan 2015
Undercover Video Reveals Misery of Farmed Ducks - Oct 2014
Reconsidering the plight of the chicken and the egg - August 2014
EFSA says existing chicken stunning systems may not work - July 2014
Animal rights group releases 'horrific' video of alleged abuse at NC turkey hatchery - June 2014
Have You Hugged Your Chicken Today? - April 2014
Ad Against Egg Industry - April 2014
Normal and Natural - Video of Chickens - April 2014
NYDN: Sad about swans? Think about chickens - Feb 2014
The Brutal Cost of Cheap Chicken - Feb 2014
Your Thanksgiving Turkey in 6 Eye-Popping Charts - November 2013
Undercover video alleges abuse, filth at western Minn. turkey farm - November 2013
Eliminating the Suffering of Chickens Bred for Meat - February 2013
About Turkeys: The Last "Traditional" Thanksgiving - November 2012
Chickens & All Creatures Need Mercy From Us: 6 Articles & One Video - September 2012
Pennsylvania Egg Factory Accused of Animal Cruelty, Filth - April 2012
Is an Egg for Breakfast Worth This? - April 2012
VIDEO--Refined Battery Cages: The Truth - March 2012
Arrests Made in NC Turkey Farm Abuse Case - Feb 2012
Bird flu will remain a threat as long as factory farms exist - Feb 2012
Wonderful World of Chickens - Jan 2012
Singer: Europe's ethical eggs - Jan 2012
Saving Chicklit - Dec 2011
AR group's video sparks search of North Carolina turkey farm - Dec 2011
ABC News Investigations of the Year: What's In Your Egg McMuffin? - 12/11
Want to Kill Fewer Animals? Give Up Eggs - August 2011
Is the US Egg Industry "Evolving"? - 7/11
AR groups disagree, scramble to define 'humane' in egg debate - 7/11
Cruel Decompression of Chickens Called "Humane" - 7/11
Journal of Animal Ethics 2011 Review of Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs
Respect for Chickens Day, 2011 - May 2011
Chicken Vanishes, Heartbreak Ensues - 2/11
UPC Newsletter - 2/11
EU: Implementation of ban on conventional cages for hens confirmed - 1/11
Consider the Turkey - 11/10
How Turkeys Are Killed - 11/10
Comparison of Free Range vs. Battery Hens - 9/10
New Hatchery Video Shows Miseries Forced on Newly-Hatched Birds - 6/10
COK's Hatchery Investigation - June 2010
Myth of "Free Range" video - May 2010
Chickens In Mind and How Much They Matter - May 2010
Creature Feature: Coming Home to Roost - February 2010
Edna Byrd: "Memoir of a Wild Turkey" - Nov 09
Grand Jury Indicts 2 in Turkey Abuse Case - Nov 09
The Free-Range Myth
"Free-Range" Poultry and Eggs: Not All They're Cracked Up to Be
Maine Egg Farm Cruelty - April 2009
NPR covers battery egg farm cruelty investigation - April 2009
Factory Egg Cruelty - Undercover Investigation - April 2009; United Poultry Concerns: January 2009 Poultry Press
COK Goes Undercover Inside Hudson Valley Foie Gras - Dec 08
The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving - November 2008
A Bird In The Hand: Thinking outside the industrial-food model - Oct '08
Free range hens are kept in cages - August 2008
Suffering of Chickens Bred and Raised for Meat - Jan 08
Ira Glass Discusses Chickens on David Letterman - April 2007
Learning from Geese
Know Your Eggs - facts about eggs
Foie Gras -- slide presentation in Spanish.
Grinch Thanksgiving - The turkey on your table went through a lot before she got there.
A Tale of Two Turkeys - Karen Davis.
Turkeys Are Our Friends - By Colleen Patrick-Goudrea.
Kentucky Fried Cruelty? - January 2007.
COK Battles Egg Industry - December 2006.
Battery hen campaign leaves a bad taste - October 2006.
Free Range Egg Ad - October 2006. Animal Liberation NSW has launched a graphic television advertising campaign, targeting Australia's battery hen industry.
Duck farming -- Ducks out of water.
Duck Farming -- July 2006. Why farmed ducks endure worse conditions than battery hens.
Delicacy of Despair -- Page with video "Delicacy of Despair" that takes you behind the closed doors of America's foie gras factory farms. This 16 minute documentary follows the investigation of this cruel industry and the rescue of 15 ducks from it.
A Duck's Life
Ducks -- letter writing campaign.
Price of Cheap Eggs - October 2006.
Price of Cheap Chicken -- March 2006. The Price of Cheap Chicken.
Caged Hens Video -- March 2006. Capturing Caged Hens on Video Brings a Charge of Burglary.
Forced Farm Labor -- Feb. 2006. Forced Labor on the Factory Farm, by Karen Davis, PhD.
Gestapo Human Spirit -- Feb. 2006. The Gestapo of the Human Spirit, by Karen Davis, PhD.
No To Chicken -- Top Ten Reasons to say no to chicken.
UPC Letter -- United Poultry Concern letter writing campaign. -- link. Beginning April 2006, this resource offers a photo gallery and video room revealing the conditions for hens inside battery cage egg facilities, expert opinions explaining the inherent cruelty of battery cages, a list of ways you can help egg-laying hens, and much more. -- link
Battery horrors -- Dec 2005. The push for UDS to carry cage-free eggs offers an opportunity to reassess relationships.
RSPCA laying hens -- Nov 2005. The RSPCA is calling for all cage systems to be banned by 2012.
Goose Wars -- April 2005. Goose wars heat up again. Once again shoddy science persecutes Canada geese without addressing the real culprit: factory farming.
Battery Eggs -- Battery eggs and changing the laws.
Wegman Eggs -- Oct 2005. Activists and farmers disagree over which is more important. By stacey coburn.
     Wegmans videos -- 2 undercover videos
     Wegmans protests -- 2 videos of protests
Chicken Abuse -- June 2005. Time to Crack Down on Chicken Abuse.
KFC & Pam A -- June, 2005. Help end the suffering in a fast-food bucket, By Pamela Anderson.
Ban Battery Cages -- Ban Battery Cages by Compassionate Action for Animals.
Foie Gras -- Articles about what geese endure, and how to stop it.
Farmed Birds -- Animal rights activist shocks with pictures, message. Paul Shapiro, the director for Compassion over Killing, shows the anti-cruelty video Meet your Meat at the Michigan Union.
Avian Flu -- Letter writing campaign.
Egg Farm Rescue -- 4 pages of Mercy for Animals rescue of Battery Hens.


Streaming video: Dedication to Chesterbuddy

Streaming video: No, Chickens aren't stupid

Turkey-slaughterhouse.asp  - House of Raeford Farms, one of the largest poultry slaughterhouse companies in the United States, January and February of 2007. These incidents are not isolated. Animal cruelty is widespread in factory farms.
More poultry investigations:  KFC supplierTyson slaughterhouseButterball slaughterhouseMinnesota Turkey Farm
Inside California's egg industry -- Feb. 2006 20 mb .mov
Choice.rm (2mb) -- 2006. COK commercial shown on MTV
video report. Report on Fox about the Animal Protection & Rescue League, San Diego, investigating foie gras farms and finding horrendous suffering. They also liberated a couple of the ducks. More video clips can be found at the APRL's foie gras site-
video clip. 0.4mb .wmv. Foie gras ducks being eaten alive by rats - they are too weak to fight them off. By the Animal Protection & Rescue League, San Diego.
video clip. 16.8mb .wmv. Battery investigation by "Mercy for Animals" They document the appalling conditions at Weaver Brothers Egg Farm, Ohio, and rescue one hen from a rubbish bin. More battery unit investigations can be found at their website,
Weaver Farms videos -- investigation. Confinement. Death. Hopes. Pits 1.3mb .wmv.
chicken video clip
turkey video clip
KFC Cruelty on German television
Fostering Cruelty - movie showing cruelty at Foster Farms

View Video: "Unnatural Breeding Techniques
& Results in Modern Turkey Production"

From Farm Sanctuary

The first of its kind, Farm Sanctuary's new report addresses the consequences associated with intensive genetic selection and artificial insemination (AI) in the turkey industry. Purposefully bred to be disfigured for consumer palates, unhealthy birds endure harsh industrialized conditions by an industry that requires unnatural measures to produce them.

In conjunction with the report, Farm Sanctuary has just released a never-before-seen companion video: "Inside a Turkey Breeding Facility." This video reveals the behind-the-wall realities of what turkeys in an industrialized breeding facility endure, shows the AI process - from the "milking" of toms to the insemination of hens - at one of the largest turkey breeding facilities in the U.S.

Click Here to read the report and view the video

click to enlarge

A video by Pamela Anderson regarding the cruel abuse of chickens by KFC

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download pam_kfc_long_med.flv
Pamela Anderson and Kentucky Fried Chicken -- 8.0mb .wmv movie

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The Meanings of Chicken Clucks

Baby Chicks Do Basic Arithmetic

Chickens Are Intelligent, Gentle Vivacious Individuals

Chickens think

Chickens are capable of feeling empathy, scientists believe

Chickens are more evolved than previously believed

Chicken Smarts


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