Zoos in Europe kill 5,000 healthy animals a year - April 2014
How many healthy animals do zoos put down? - Feb 2014
Heart's Ann Wilson: 'What Sea World Does is Slavery' - Jan 2014
How Zoos Defeat Their Own Propaganda: Part 1 - Sept 2013
Inside the World of Zoo Elephants - December 2012
(U.K.) Wildlife Park Owner: 'Shut Down Zoos!' - October 2012
Zoos Tell Lies; Animals Suffer - October 2012
Zoos Delusional to Believe Its Elephants are Happy - July 2012
When Lions eat Owls and Eagles at Zoos - March 2012
Pour Sabu - Zoo Elephant - Feb 2011
Top Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants - January 2011
Animals culled in British safari park - Jan 2011
New Scientific Analysis Debunks Zoos' Education Claims - May 2010 - Zoo life affects elephant life spans
Nightmare of Zoos - book review - Analyzes Derrick Jensen's anti-speciesism/anti-zoo book, "Thought to Exist in the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos"
Lonely Turtle at Okinawa World - by Stephanie Sarad
How a Few Elephants Turned the Zoo Industry Upside Down - Counterpunch
Why it's time to reconsider the whole notion of zoos: www.msnbc.msn.
I Am An Elephant
Survey -- A survey of the problems with zoos, by Alison Green.
No to Zoos -- Facts about zoos.
Fates At Zoos -- The fates of animals at zoos and circuses.
Old Zoo Animals -- How some of America's best zoos get rid of their old, infirm, and unwanted animals.
Ruby the elephant deserves retirement - February 2007
When Animals Resist Their Exploitation - December 2006
Zoo Debate -- Sept. 2006
Life at the Bronx Zoo -- Sept. 2006. Satya Interview.
Zoochosis -- Abnormal behaviors of captive animals.
Not Educational -- Zoo elephants have no educational value, expert says.
LA Zoo Elephant -- April 2006. Editorial about LA Zoo expansion.
Halifax Circ Prot -- Oct 2005. Angry protest over Jolly's circus animals.
Wash DC Zoo -- Oct 2005. Let the (Washington D.C.'s) Zoo's Elephants Go.
Elephants -- Activists promote the idea of a vast preserve to establish a self-sustaining herd. Some zoo officials are skeptical.
Question Zoos -- Nagging questions on the wisdom of zoos, by A. Paulson.
Chimp Attack -- Reasons that chimps don't belong in captivity.
    Captive monkey -- Oct. 2005. Monkeys under zoo stress.
Zoo Cartoons -- These reveal some problems with zoos.
Elephants Start Dying -- When the gates close. Commentary.
Elephants Graveyard -- IT WAS so dark in the cramped, dank smelling tent that I heard Anne, Britain's only. remaining circus elephant, before I could even see her silhouette.
Slapp-Happy Zoo Masters -- SLAPP-HAPPY ZOO MASTERS? By J. Sorenson.
Petting Zoos

Media: By Detroit Zoological Society. Animal Showboats to Animal Lifeboats. 70 mb wmv
Reunion -- movie about an elephant's reunion.

What's Wrong With Captivity?
Marine Mammal Abusement Parks: Beneath the Surface.

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