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FAQs -- 6 FAQs (#69-74) about animals used in entertainment.
Circuses -- Articles about what goes on under the big top.
Cockfighting -- Index to articles about cockfighting.
Dogfighting -- Dogfighting articles.
Rodeo -- Articles on SHARKs campaign to stop rodeos by stopping Campbell Soup's support of them.
Zoos -- Articles about problems with zoos.
Racing -- Dog racing, horse racing, the Iditarod.

  Articles / Websites

How Do Fireworks Harm Wild Birds? Jan 2018
Circus Monkeys So Overjoyed To Return To Jungle It Leaves Rescuers In Tears - May 2015
Jane Goodall Says SeaWorld 'Should Be Closed Down' - April 2015
A win-win solution for captive orcas and marine theme parks - Oct 2013
Pet Causes -- the world continues to be bedeviled by senseless acts of animal cruelty.
Horse Flames -- Cruel entertainment in Spain.
Chimp Act -- Chimp Act Contract Would Return Chimpanzee Infants to Research Labs.
Entertainment -- Great synopsis of Entertainment Issues at
Animals Voice - Ban Bullfighting - August 2013
Bullfighting -- videos, graphics.
Bullfighter's Remorse Ends His Bloody Career - July 2012
New Campaign to Ban Bullfighting in Madrid - 03/2010
Spanish Philosopher Compares Bullfights to Female Circumcision - 03/2010
Captive -- Explains why it's wrong to keep animals captive.
They Knife Horses, Don't They? - by Suki Falconberg on the horse slaughter industry
SeaWorld's Hypocrisy - Sept 2011

Stop Elephant Polo - Comments can be sent to or and will be posted on the website.

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