Circus Education (web site) -- The Circus Education Campaign organizes outreach events to educate the public on the reality of the life of circus animals.

  Mastercard dumps Ringling. Priceless. http://www.rushprne - 2008

Ringling: From Exploiter to Caretaker? - March 2015
Tide turns for Marineland, but not for Kiska
The Show Can't Go On: The Truth Behind Animals In Entertainment - Oct 2014
'Circus MADNESS' Shocking video shows tigers caged and 'pacing' in tiny cells IN THE UK - June 2014
Actor Edie Falco Urges Families to Skip the Circus - 3/13
Secrets and lies - elephant suffering exposed in newly released inspection reports - October 2012
Circus Performing In Mississippi Is Target Of Federal Charges Following In Defense of Animals' Complaints - Feb 2012
IDA News Release - Circus Performing In Alabama Target Of Federal Charges - February 2012
Future of circuses with animals on county ballot - Dec 2011
USDA fines Ringling Bros. Circus over treatment of animals - November 2011
Comment: Against Dolphin Captivity - November 2011
Historic U.S. Bill to end cruelty to wild animals in circuses - November 2011
Leading Australian Professor supports Circus Condemnation - Nov 2011
Elephants: The Good News and the Bad - May 2011
More Video Evidence of Movie Elephant Suffering Released by ADI - May 2011
Captured Dolphins Aren't Smiling - March 2010
Dying Elephant Trainer Tells All - December 2009
 Ex-Trainer Accuses Circus of Elephant Cruelty - December 2009
Ringling Bros. Elephant Abuse Trial, 2009:
  Denver Circus Protest - October 2008
  Circus Facts and Tips, from Serbia - October 2008
  Why Not Go to the Circus? - September 2008
  Dirty Secret Under the Big Top - September 2008
  Ringling Circus On Trial - August 2007
  Circus Under Siege - August 2007
  Inside Circuses - May 2007
  I Am An Elephant
  Circus Poll -- Oct 2005. UK Poll on Circuses.
  Circuses -- Under the Big Top, by No Compromise.
  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Fact Sheet
  NJ Demos Against Ringling Bros Circus - February 2007
  Circus Cruelty charged by employee - January 2007
  Jackass star accuses circus of animal cruelty - January 2007
  Ringling Employees Tell of Bloody Beatings - November 2006
  State of Circuses -- 2006. England. Call for ban on wild animals in circuses.
  ARFF Expose -- 2006. AARF-Miami undercover expose of Ringling Brothers.
  Beatty Circus -- Protest against Beatty Circus.
  Know This -- What You Should Really Know About Circuses.
  The Elephant That Cried -- Story.
  Circus Animals -- 2006. Circus animals aren't protected from mistreatment
  Asheville circus -- June 2006. Example of circus protesting.

  Ringling Brothers with elephants. video clip
  AARF Expose 12 mb .wmv

 Ringling Bros. circus lists the "Top Ten Cool Things We Do for Our Animals."

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An animal rights activist protests the circus wearing nothing but shackles and covered in "scars" and "bruises"? an everyday reality for animals in circuses.
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