The Plunderers

A true story of abusers and other abusers

By Marion Churchill

Our society is strange. Michael Vick commits acts of brutalities and the entire world is shook up.

Seems, dog fighting started in England. At the time, the dog of choice was the bulldog; bear and dog-fights were allowed, later outlawed. Back in those days, right around the end of the 19th century, the English aristocracy would usually be the ones to partake. In fancy and appropriate garments of the time, good food, drink and smokes, they would gather to settle in for an evening of dog fighting entertainment.

This went on for some time. It was a practice that was frowned upon by most, but tolerated. The English then bred the dogs with the more agile terrier, longer legs and so on. When dog fights of all sorts became illegal, something had to done with the dogs. The dogs were exported to other parts of the world were fighting them was still legal. As far as the US is concerned, the first shipment, it seems, went to Alaska. Same scenario as the Vick camp, drugs, gambling and other activities better left unsaid.

But, even today very little thought is given to other forms of abuse, suffering and deaths; other equally nasty brutalities, always called sport.

And here is just one little example that I personally know of. My husband's (Newt Kirkland) brother-in-law, (mine, too) is a multi billionaire. His name is Peter Kellogg, a Wall Street person. He and a handful of others took over a huge tract of land still known as the Hudson Guild, located in Andover, NJ. This land once served as religious retreat for the Hudson Guild. The old main house, and many other buildings, were nicely and expensively redone, complete with deer heads on the walls, and that sort of thing. The entire camp is about sports.

Kellogg and the rest of his Wall Street predators go there to shoot - whatever. And, they're having fun doing it. They, just like the English aristocrats did, dress expensively and fittingly. They seem to know that as long as you dress well just about everything is forgiven. They eat and drink and smoke just like the English did, and then they settle in. In their case, they set out for some good plundering.

It should be noted that the State of New Jersey raises birds, each and every year. At the appropriate time, the birds are released, and shot and killed. There are also these so-called "canned hunts" which in itself would fill any number of books. In almost all cases, people dress nicely. I'll not forget a middle-aged couple from Massachusetts that attended the Higgins, PA, pigeon shoots. She didn't shoot, but was dressed up for it nevertheless. Historic note - this particular sort of entertainment in Higgins is now illegal.

Back to Mr. Kellogg and group. They do abide by regulations. Thus, their bombardment against whatever it might be must only occur during times allowed by law. Of course, Kellogg and cronies thought about this terrible, idle time. They knew that, for the most part, the law lacks regulations for angling. They thereby engaged in the construction of a huge fish pond that is stocked with little, bitty fishies. These little guys are there for the taking - anytime. Fish food, rods and other paraphernalia are held in nice containers lining the banks. The kibbled food is thrown into the pond and the fishies go for it. One then picks up a rod and hooks the little guys. All this makes Kellogg and friends feel good as they watch the little things struggle on the hook, blood and all. They get thrown back, but will suffer and die. By the way, fish do not seem to have the superior tolerance for pain as pit bull dogs have.

But, wait there's more. The pond needs power, lots of it. Power is provided by tons of machinery, spinning wheels and the like. All of this is housed in an amazingly large basement beneath the pond, truly large enough to supply the needs for an entire village. The basement's power plant keeps the fishies comfortable and alive until their brutalizing-day comes provided for by Kellogg, his friends and family.

I have seen this, and while there, I asked Peter's wife Cynnie why on God's green earth would Peter want such a place. Cynnie told me on that day that "he always wanted a shooting place".

Michael Vick, the football player, also wanted a shooting place of sorts and he'll probably end up in jail for it. But, frankly he's done no more than Kellogg and associates. And, they are still doing it.

Marion Churchill
Cherry Hill, NJ

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