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The rodeo season is starting to wind down, and that is good news for SHARK investigators who are still overwhelmed with video and still pictures documentation in need of review. But for the Rodeo Mafia, it has to be the best news possible, because SHARK's exposes of some of their biggest events has just about driven them out of their minds! Now it's time to make that documentation pay off by making big gains for our nonhuman friends. Join us in becoming the change you want in the world!

Pendleton Rodeo Exposed for Cruelty, Death and Rules Violations

A picture shot by SHARK investigator Janet Enoch catches rodeo producer Ike Sankey shocking a horse in the face with over 5,000 volts of pain.

The Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo in Pendleton, Oregon is one of the most (in)famous rodeos in the world, just slightly less known than the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo that SHARK investigators exposed for abuse last July. Now, for the second time in three years, SHARK has exposed abuses and rules violations at the Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo. The 2005 evidence is part of TheCruelTruth. com and will be uploaded on soon. This years' evidence has gone straight to and our websites.

The day before the rodeo began, a double decker truck/trailer with Sankey Rodeo (from Montana) on it, brought in horses to be used at the rodeo. Transporting horses in double-decker trailers is illegal in many states for humane reasons. We called the Animal Division of the state of Oregon and they said they don't regulate how animals are transported. While it may not be illegal in Oregon, it is certainly a cruel way for rodeo people to treat their prized "animal athletes".

Pendleton is infamous not only for its steer busting, which again claimed more victims this year, but also for a slippery, hard, natural grass arena. This deadly combination led to a particularly horrific incident in which a steer had his neck broken during the steer busting event - currently being called single steer roping. The dying animal went into death spasms in the arena while the announcer joked about the steer supposedly struggling to free himself after the contestant had tied his legs. The announcer also promised to update the audience about the steer's condition, which of course he never did. SHARK now has a YouTube video titled, "2007 Pendleton - A Steer Dies, an Announcer Lies." See SHARK's Video.


The steer's neck is broken while he is being "busted".


Here the dying steer is being sledded out of the arena.

Calves, cows, horses and even a bull also paid the price for Pendleton's cruelty. So much cruelty and incredibly it's all committed against a backdrop of patriotism! Why even the Oregon Air National Guard got into the act by doing a couple flyovers of the arena on the last day of the rodeo, like the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds did for Cheyenne. More of your tax dollars not only wasted, but spent to prop-up evil people committing heinous acts of abuse.

Here are two more YouTube videos posted documenting abuses at the Pendleton Round-up Rodeo, with more in the works:

Twisted Animal Abuse at Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo

http://youtube. com/watch? v=mdulYy_ 2fho

Horses Shocked at 2007 Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo

http://youtube. com/watch? v=hwJdQZU9_ oU


SHARK asks the PRCA:

Dear PRCA -- Is this the Hip or the Shoulder?

That's the question for Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) administrators in a press release following the annual rodeo in Pendleton, Oregon, after investigators for SHARK shot pictures of head stock contractor Ike Sankey shocking a horse in the face, in utter violation of so-called PRCA humane rules.

PRCA Humane Rule 10.1.5 states: "In the riding events, use of prods and similar devices is prohibited. The only exception is a known chute-stalling animal, only with the contestants and contractors approval, and shall be administered only by a qualified member in the hip or shoulder."

The question is simply, has the PRCA redefined a horse's face as the hip or the shoulder? Obviously it is neither.

Ike Sankey is one of the PRCA's top stock contractors and the Pendleton Round-Up is one of the jewels of the rodeo industry. So why were so many rules violated at this top-tier PRCA event? The answer is because the entire rodeo industry is criminally cruel, corrupt and cowardly.

Ike Sankey was involved in the shocking of dozens of horses at the Pendleton Round-Up, either shocking them himself, or handing off the Hot-Shot prod to others and receiving it immediately after it was used by others. Despite his repeated and flagrant violation of the PRCA's own 'humane rules', Mr. Sankey has been nominated for the 2007 Stock Contractor of the Year by the corrupt Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association!

Ike Sankey and the Pendleton Round-Up are hardly the only humane issues facing the Rodeo Mafia this season. Investigators for SHARK attended numerous large, outdoor PRCA rodeos, in Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas, Guymon and Texhoma, Oklahoma, Huntsville, San Angelo, Saledo and Killeen, Texas and Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Springfield, Illinois. The Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo and the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, two more top-tier PRCA rodeos, were also exposed by SHARK this season, while other top rodeo producers such as Harry Vold and Stace Smith were also caught committing humane violations.

SHARK investigators have been kicked out of some rodeos, have been physically threatened and even accosted, all for exposing rules violations, animal injuries, and even rodeo announcers lying to conceal animal injuries. But when it is all said and done, we accomplished our mission, and the evidence we have compiled will haunt the rodeo industry forever.

Media friendly to the rodeo industry such as the Denver Post, have refused to expose rodeo abuses. "The Rodeo Mafia" can do whatever it wants to try to cover up its violations and abuses," says SHARK president, Steve Hindi. "But now we are producing rodeo exposes for YouTube and other internet outlets, and the days of rodeos injuring and killing animals without the public knowing about it are indeed numbered." These are just a few of the YouTube videos of 2007 rodeos SHARK has investigated, there are many more on the YouTube site and www.RodeoCruelty. com.

Twisted Animal Abuse at Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo

http://youtube. com/watch? v=mdulYy_ 2fho

Pendleton -- A Steer Dies, An Announcer Lies com/watch? v=XWuv_apUAOw&mode=user&search=

Meanwhile, the question for the PRCA remains the same, "Did Ike Sankey shock the hip or the shoulder?"


The Denver Broncos Pro Football Team Defends Rodeo Animal Abuse
SHARK has received a letter from Mr. Derek Thomas, Manager of Marketing Partnerships of the Denver Broncos in response to our package we sent him which included video footage and pictures taken at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in July of 2007. He states "We're involved with one day at the Cheyenne Frontier Days for the opportunity to reach and say "thank you" to our fans in Northern Colorado and Wyoming." Their visit at CFD is proudly posted on the Denver Broncos website.

See pictures of Broncos' Mascot Miles, Randy Gradishar and Karl Mecklenburg riding into Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

Mr. Thomas further states: "The PRCA, the sanctioning body that governs the rodeo at Cheyenne Frontier Days, had four officials on hand at the 2007 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo to ensure proper care and treatment of the livestock."

According to the PRCA, there were no violations of rules regarding the use of a cattle prod to safely move livestock from the bucking chutes. I have absolutely not doubt that the PRCA management denied any and all violations its so-called "humane rules," no matter how obvious or egregious. In fact, SHARK has lots of video footage and pictures of the rodeo judges watching as the animals are shocked and other PRCA Humane Rules and often local or state laws are violated.

Ask the Broncos and Thunderbirds to stop supporting this cruelty.

We are working on a response to Mr. Thomas that will include numerous YouTube rodeo abuse videos as further evidence of the cruelty. However, I believe there is simply no interest by the Broncos at this time to take an ethical or compassionate stance. This means only one thing - that a hardhitting campaign is about to be born, and I hope I can count on each of you to join in and support this effort.

We will have more information on the launching of this campaign soon.

Meanwhile, please contact the Broncos and tell them how you feel about the team's involvement in rodeos. Please be courteous and professional, but also firm as you insist that the team sever its ties with animal abuse. Then, and this is very important, please let us know what the team's response is. See the letter at:

Denver Broncos Marketing Department
INVESCO Field at Mile High
1701 Bryant St. Suite 900
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (720) 258-3100

email: suggestions@ net

The Thunderbirds are very popular with the public, and in the interest of maintaining their shining reputation, the aerobatic team should not lower itself to supporting animal cruelty, like it did at Cheyenne's rodeo. Not to mention that our tax dollars should not be subsidizing animal abuse. SHARK's documentation of the abuse at the Cheyenne Frontier Days RodeoHYPERLINK "" should be more than enough to persuade any decent, self-respecting organization to steer clear.

USAF Thunderbirds

4445 Tyndall Ave.

Nellis AFB, NV 89191

Phone: (703) 695-9776

Fax: (702) 652-6367

email: usaf.thunderbirds@ mil

Check Out Our Newest Videos on YouTube!
In the last few weeks, in addition to the new Pendleton YouTube videos, SHARK has added more new YouTube videos from the National High School Rodeo Association Finals held in Springfield, Illinois and a previous rodeo in Oklahoma. SHARK now has a total of 31 YouTube videos up. We are now getting approximately 1100 views per day, and this number will continue to rise as we add new videos from Cheyenne, Springfield and now Pendleton. Once we are through those large rodeos we will start adding more YouTube presentations from the hundreds of rodeos we have attended from the past fourteen years. By the time we are done there will be so much rodeo abuse evidence on the web, that no one in the world with Internet service will have an excuse to be ignorant of rodeo animal abuse.

Rodeo Horse Gored by Bull at 2007 National High School Rodeo Finals

http://youtube. com/watch? v=iMxv6imqRXc

"Born to Buck?" -- The Big Rodeo Lie

http://youtube. com/watch? v=PfxDkw1NKLE

Rodeo Horse Tortured -- Shocked Dozens of Times in Oklahoma

http://youtube. com/watch? v=iz6SIhy- IbM

Contorted roped calf

Philly Dodge Dealer Dumps Rodeo!

Rodeo Education Campaign Group Success Again!

Like many Dodge dealerships, Gary Barbera Dodge in Philadelphia, PA sponsored abusive rodeos. However, in a grand example of how a committed, localized effort, can make a direct impact against rodeo abuse, Gary Barbera Dodge withdrew its sponsorship of the Liberty Pro Rodeo after the launch of the "Barbera Brutality" campaign by the Rodeo Education Campaign (REC).

When the 2007 Liberty Pro Rodeo mistakenly printed a Gary Barbera Dodge ad in their rodeo program, there was some immediate confusion as to Barbera's position regarding rodeo sponsorship. The REC contacted Gary Barbera Dodge to clarify the situation. That has since been cleared-up and Barbera Dodge has further confirmed their commitment to NOT support rodeo cruelty.

Find out more about this successful campaign at BarberaBrutality. com.

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this campaign a success and for staying on top of this issue! Please contact Gary Barbera Dodge and congratulate them on their compassionate choice:

"Gary Barbera's # 1 Dodgeland"
7810 Roosevelt Boulevard
Philadelphia PA 19152
Phone: 215-333-3700
Fax: 215-338-5069
Email: eric@garybarbera. com

End Horse Slaughter Permanently!


The slippery grass and hard ground took its toll on all the animals at the Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo. Like the injured calves and steers, injured or "used up" horses of the rodeo industry often go to slaughter. Find out more about the rodeo-slaughter connection at HorseKillers. com.

With all three horse slaughter plants in the U.S. now closed, passage of a permanent slaughter ban to prohibit American horses from being trucked over the borders for slaughter is crucial.

Horses are still being crowded into trucks, enduring hours without food, water and rest, and driven in all weather extremes to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (HR 503), introduced in the U.S. House by Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), John Spratt (D-SC), Ed Whitfield (R-KY), and Nick Rahall (D-WV), and in the U.S. Senate by Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and John Ensign (R-NV), closes this loophole and prevents the exportation of American horses to slaughter plants in foreign countries. It also ensures that horse slaughter is permanently banned in the United States.

Tuesday, October 16, is a national call-in day for The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (HR 503 in the U.S. House of Representatives and S 311 in the U.S. Senate). This effort will be crucial to end the horror of Mexican and Canadian transport and slaughter.

Simply pick up your phone, punch in 1-202-224-3121, ask for the name and phone number of your representative and two senators, and give a 30-second call to each of them.

For still more info, go to www.rallyforhorses. com

Cowboy Criminals Update
National High School Rodeo Sponsor Larry Lancaster Sentenced

As many of you already know, a longtime major sponsor of the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) Larry Lancaster, of Lancaster's Rock-n-Roll Rodeo Gear and Larry Lancaster's Rodeo School, was convicted on May 25, 2007 of six counts including sexual assault on a child, bribery of a witness or victim, unlawful sexual contact, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. On October 2nd, Lancaster was sentenced 2 to 10 years to life. Click here for more information.

It has been firmly established by psychologists and criminal profilers that adults who abuse children or have problems with violence often began by abusing animals. Not only do rodeos abuse animals but those involved in rodeos are often involved in criminal behavior that also defies any regard for human life or the environment we all live in. SHARK exposes this thread of illegal actions by some of the biggest names in rodeo on our site CowboyCriminals. com.

PRCA Commissioner Troy Ellerman Begins His Prison Sentence

In December 2006 we reported that PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) Commissioner Troy Ellerman stood accused by a former associate of leaking secret grand jury transcripts to two reporters in the BALCO steroid scandal, the biggest sports scandal in history. "Cowboy" Troy has not only admitted what he did, he has pled guilty to obstructing justice, contempt of court and filing a false declaration. Ellerman has started his two year prison term and is not expected to be out until around November 2009. Click here for more information.

SHARK 'S Rodeo Investigations Have Depleted Our Funds
This has been a good year for SHARK helping the animal victims of rodeos. We have investigated and exposed some of the biggest rodeos in the world, revealed some of the rodeos' biggest lies (see Born to Buck? and Rodeo Bulls: Killers or Gentle Giants?) and educated thousands more people than in previous years. Our momentum has increased substantially and with your support we hope to keep it that way. What has not increased is our financial ability to expand our fight for animals, and with expenses increasing, we are struggling to maintain our current programs.

The development of the second Tiger Truck is vital to complete SHARK's most impressive, revolutionary, educational tool. With another truck, SHARK can educate so many more people on many more of the endless issues adversely affecting animals today. Without adequate funding, SHARK's efforts and accomplishments for the animals will come to an abrupt stop.

Your support is vitally needed to help us continue our work on behalf of the forgotten victims of rodeo abuse.

Find out more ways you can help SHARK on our website HERE.

Kindest Regards,

Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society. Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same defective fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves." - Cesar Chavez

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