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29 Sep 2005

Dear Friends,

Perhaps some of you have noticed that there hasn't been much visible movement in our campaign against rodeo sponsor Campbell Soup since mid-summer. Some folks probably thought we were stalled. Today I get to tell you what has really been happening.

For the past three months, SHARK investigators have been involved in an intensive undercover effort to document rodeos. While we have been video documenting rodeos for years, this season we took a different path by focusing on graphic, close-up still pictures. The rodeo thugs never saw this coming. We did it right in front of them, and although we were questioned a few times, they let us continue because they always expect us to shoot video. We went to some of their biggest rodeos, and the images we have gathered will give people a better opportunity to really get a look at the unimaginable abuse rodeo animals are subjected to. These images will now be able to be used on posters, postcards, websites, and even video presentations.

Still pictures are more easily distributed, emailed and viewed than videos. Still pictures freeze a moment in time in a way that videos simply cannot.

I have been surprised and disturbed to find that many people in this movement have not seen our rodeo video footage, either because they have never attended a conference where we displayed it, or haven't been able to view it on our website. Still pictures don't have the same complexities as video, so many more people will be able to view the evidence.

We know that once the Rodeo Mafia has learned that we are now using still cameras, they will start to ban them. So we took countless pictures at rodeos across the country. We shot thousands of pictures, so we have lots and lots of evidence. It will be interesting to watch the rodeo thugs as they become more and more paranoid every time they see a still camera from now on. While this has been a difficult and emotionally draining experience, it also had it's dark humor. We watched as rodeo thugs ejected non-activists for videotaping, while we continued to shoot damning pictures of rodeo animal abuse.

I hope that after people in the animal protection movement see the suffering rodeo animals endure, they will become more active in fighting for the victims. This is a form of abuse that comes to virtually every area of North America, and the Rodeo Mafia is attempting to export its abuse worldwide. We need your donations and your personal involvement to help stop this outrageous abuse.

Rodeos today exist largely because of corporate sponsorships, such as that of Campbell Soup. This flow of blood money must stop if we are to bring relief to rodeo's animal victims. In the coming weeks, we will be fervently working to build and launch an even stronger, more comprehensive attack upon the corporations that continue to support such clear abuse. Our investigations have yielded evidence that is irrefutable, but we must get it SEEN.

I know we have called upon you for support in the past, but your contributions to our continued efforts are now crucial. We have the passion, the ideas, and now the glaring face of truth to take on the rodeo industry with a whole new force, but we need your support to catalyze the entire reaction.

Your donations now will allow SHARK to:

Revitalize our website with the most damning and current video evidence.

Create a Photo Gallery on our website documenting the abuse, neglect, and appalling injuries to animals at rodeos this season.

Create short documentaries graphically illustrating the truth about rodeos to be easily viewed and promoted.

Get the Tiger Truck back on the streets to take our evidence to the public, to the corporate offices, and to the source of the money that keeps rodeos afloat. At a fuel economy of 6-7 mpg, operating the Tiger Truck is a significant expense. However, we should be using this unique tool to take the suffering of these animals straight to the faces of those supporting the abuse.

Know that every dollar donated goes to help animals being brutalized.

Please go to make a contribution online or mail to:

P.O. Box 28
Geneva, IL 60134

Additionally, we were extremely dismayed to see during our investigations that Coca-Cola has betrayed their promise to no longer sponsor rodeo abuse. In 2000, after an intensive SHARK campaign, Coca-Cola adopted a progressive animal welfare policy in which the company agreed to not sponsor or promote events where there is risk of physical harm to animals.

In a stunning, silent reversal Coca-Cola has forsaken their promise to compassionate consumers around the globe. Upon inquiry by SHARK, we obtained the new sponsorship policy, which states, The Coca-Cola

Company does not believe that by sponsoring or promoting rodeo events the company is thereby endorsing or condoning an inherently cruel practice. The Coca-Cola Company and its Bottlers are open to sponsoring or promoting rodeo events.

Coca-Cola has changed its mind to believing rodeo is not an inherently cruel practice? We know the truth and what's more, SHARK can prove it!

Let Coca-Cola know how extremely disappointed you are with their policy change to sponsor animal cruelty, and request a response from the company:

Call: 1 (800) 438-2653



The Coca-Cola Company

PO Box 1734

Atlanta, GA 30301

Thanks you for your continued efforts.

Watch for promising developments in the coming weeks on the front to stop corporate support of rodeo cruelty!

Kindest Regards,

Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team


SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness:


P.O. Box 28

Geneva, IL 60134

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