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Multiple Horserace Track Owner Blames Bad Business for Dead Racehorse Suffering

Penn National owns several horserace tracks, including the one that Laugher's Answer died at recently while training. Track ownership blamed that fact that no track vet was present on economics and that horse bettors are dying with numbers lacking to take their place. But there are many simple ways to improve business that I have put forward; They refuse to run the horses clockwise during training so as to utilize both turns evenly; To remove the rock foundations which cause injuries; to run older horse on the grass more; To simplify betting to bring in more money; To give horseplayers small discounts on the track and at racehorse owners' off track businesses, reserving more money for racing. The simplest answer is to have private vets already on track available to aid or relieve suffering horses. There are no valid excuses.

Racetracks are too busy fixing the races by manipulating the track surface or putting out false "odds" to keep bettors from cashing tickets on favorites to install fixes for business and providing enough needed care. If horseracing will not become honest and business wise rather than shady and incompetent then they deserve to go out of business and not risk any more horses' lives or legs unnecessarily.

 Ken Woodall, former public handicapper. .

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