The word is out for 2006- The Jockey Club among others reports that in 2006:

1) More young horses are being bought but less races, starts, and starts per horse are happening, purses up slightly; so owning a racehorse is more and more risky;

2) Less on track attendance, and for the 11th year in a row, less on-track betting;

3) Less national TV viewing of big races, and in the 4 biggest TV days 3 of the top USA horses had eventually fatal injures on the track during races;

4) 3 of the biggest trainers were suspended, 4th found with marijuana at the track, another with cocaine and heroin in his system sentenced to prison in a fatal car crash;

5) Jockeys are protesting safety and moving to tracks with safer artificial surfaces. Renewed Disabled Jockey Fund recently went bankrupt as tracks and owners groups are slow to fund, jockeys are denied extra income by putting ads on pants (while required to wear silks with horse owner logo on their backs).

6) Still kept from the public is information on: final times for non-winners; injury and death reports on horses or those statistics on horses or jockeys; or reports of existing medical condition on horses entered in races.

7) Some tracks are again blaming the weather

8) All in all, not too surprising that a 42 MPH sport so secretive to fans, bettors, and sometimes even owners would not be doing so well.



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