Hi, my name is Laure. I'm a 23 year old French women. I just wanted to react to the racing horse issue that was put on the ALF web site.

I've always been passionate about animals ever since I can remember, and horses are a big part of this passion. I'm also involved in fighting for animal rights. I totally agree to the ALF, but I would just like to say something about racing horses.

I've worked with racing horses since I was in high school. I studied horse breeding in college, so I have worked in many places that involve this industry. Yes it's an industry. And let me say that there's a HUGE waste in this industry. Many horses go to slaughterhouses if they don't run well by the age of 1 1/2. I also want to say that a horse reaches his adult size at about age 4, so you can imagine it's like sending pre-teenagers to a athletics championship... bad idea right?? Some terrible owners get a tired horse to run a very difficult race in other to get him killed during the race to recuperate the money of the insurance... awful...

The way most of the racing horses are bred is also beneath any logic. The food they are given is terrible for their very fragile stomachs. The whips used by the jockeys are completely useless. But some jockeys still seem to think it's necessary. A special whip has been made that will leave no physical trace on the horse after the race.

But I wanted to say that in the middle of all those horrible people who make money on animal suffering, some people in this industry try to make things right. Some breeders love their horses, make everything for the foal to grow up in the middle of other foals, give the right food to the mares, train the yearlings gently, so they grow up in a better way, and end up by having real champions. Owners who get the horses to run a very few amount of races in a year and get them to have a nice break in good stables where they go out every day. Some people buy ex-racing champions for the price of the butcher (that makes around 1000), in order to offer them a quiet and fun retirement. Like I did for my horse.

I strongly believe a horse can like racing as I have seen it with my own eyes. and like the article said it, left in a field, a horse will naturally race with others.

Racing can be a real pleasure for horses, as long as it is done the right way.

The real problem in this industry is all the money involved. As I said it before, we are now only a few that have a passion for the horses and not the money.

I'm trying to promote racing horses in the best way for the animals by new ways of breeding, bringing up, feeding, training and what to do with the horse if he's not good for racing or after he's too old to race again. Hard battle ahead, I know, but I will do all I can for them.

I just wanted through this mail, put some "nuances" in all what people can hear about racing horses. They is a way to make it fun for everyone.

Thanks and keep up the battle for animal rights.

Laure Michon


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