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by Dr. Dieter Fleig

Translated by William Charlton

"He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it."-George SantayanaPitting man's best friend against man's best friend counts among the most heinous crimes our race has ever committed.  Animal rights activists and many dog lovers cannot bear the thought of dog fighting as an acceptable "sport," yet the breeds once used in these bloody games remain among the world's most loved and popular companion dogs.  The History of Fighting Dogs traces the fascinating history of the dog pits, from staged battles with bulls and bears, to the queer pittings of dog against monkeys, opossums, and donkeys, to the gory contests with a thousand rats, to the ultimate fight: dog against dog. We cannot ignore or deny the history of our dogs, or of our race.  This important information by international dog expert Dr. Dieter Fleig delves deeply into the history of the fighting dog, its effects on our dogs today, and its reflection on the social character of the times.

Dog Fighting harms society as much as the dogs involved.    A story by an acting animal control supervisor who shares ideas of what you can do and why,  what to look for and how to go about reporting these findings and suspicions.  CLICK HERE

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What to look for to distinguish a dog fighting kennel or participants.   CLICK HERE.

Dog Fighting: The Truth
Information for the law enforcement community and concerned citizens.

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Often depicted as the "criminal" instead of the victim by PETA, AnimalPeople Magazine and other bogus animal welfare groups, the unfortunate pit bull which finds itself trapped in the world of dog matching has few friends to turn to. Both dog fighter and some "humane" groups stand ready to not only see him destroyed, but to actively participate in his betrayal and death - each in their own way. Ironically, both dog fighters who match dogs and "humane" groups which advocate euthanasia of pit bulls each claim to "love" the dogs they destroy. (R) This lucky pit bull, picked up during a fighting bust, kisses his rescuer. His ear, torn off during the fight, has been reattached. There is tremendous misinformation concerning the matching of dogs. This misinformation comes from both sides of the issue, both from those who enjoy matching dogs and those who see it as repugnant.

Authors which embrace dog fighting, such as Richard Stratton, generally attempt to paint a naively "squeaky clean" image of the people and activities surrounding this illegal, underground activity. On the other hand, humane groups (which fall into two groups, those actively seeking to distort information about pit bulls in their efforts to destroy them and those who simply disseminate inaccurate information due to lack of knowledge) are also guilty of gross inaccuracies in describing both the animals and activities involved. The information presented here (in the purple boxes) is taken directly from "fastlane" dog fighters themselves, in their own words.

You be the judge.

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A seized fighting dog which has been used as
a "schooling dog" to teach other fighters.

Who is involved:
With the rising of the social consciousness which brought about the banning of animal baiting, those few people who simply could not give up their attraction to watching animals destroy each other moved underground. From the open fields of bull baiting, blood sport moved to the dank and close cellars of taverns and other secluded spots. To this day dog fighting remains an activity attractive to very few, secreted away in the modern equivalent of the old tavern cellar. Because it is an illegal activity, it stands to reason that the involvement of upstanding citizens is quite rare. Authors such as Richard Stratton attempt to paint a picture of intelligent, friendly, otherwise law-abiding and upstanding citizens which just enjoy the athletic ability of their pets. However, time and again without exception, when the reality of dog fighting comes to the light of day, the truth is always found to be quite different.

This dog rescued during a fighting raid, is typical of "fighting pit bull" temperament.
The actions of this dog speak far louder than the shrill anti-pit bull ravings of groups
such as PETA, the Michigan Humane Society and "AnimalPeople" magazine who state that fighting pit bulls are "vicious". Wouldn't it be nice to know this dog and her kind were
safe from fighters and the "humane" groups which persecute them?

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The Laws Against Dog Fighting

State and District of Columbia Dogfighting Laws
The following chart indicated the status of dog fighting laws in the 50 states and District of Columbia. The first column indicates being charged with dog fighting, the second with being in possession of fighting dogs (the definition varies) and the third being a spectator at a dog fight.

* (F) Felony (M) Misdemeanor (L) Legal

State Fighting Possession Spectator
Alabama F F F
Alaska F F M
Arizona F F F
Arkansas F F M
California F F M
Colorado F F F
Conneticutt F F F
Delaware F F M
Dist of Col F F M
Florida F L M
Georgia F L F
Hawaii F F L
Idaho M L M
Illinois F F M
Indiana F M M
Iowa M L L
Kansas F F M
Kentucky F F F
Louisiana F F M
Maine F F M
Maryland F L M
Mass F F M
Michigan F F F
Minn F F M
Miss F F F
Missouri F F M
Montana F F F
Nebraska F F M
Nevada F L F
New Hamp F F F
New Jersey F F F
New Mexico F F F
New York F M M
North Carol F F F
North Dakota F F M
Ohio F F F
Oklahoma F F M
Oregon F F M
Penn F F F
Rhode Isl F F F
South Carolin F F M
South Dakota F F M
Tenn F F M
Texas F M M
Utah F F M
Vermont F F F
Virginia F F F
Washington F M M
West Virg M L M
Wisconsin F F M
Wyoming M M L

Rewards being offered:
The following organizations offer rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of dog fighters.

The Humane Society of the United States:
offers a reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who organizes dogfights, participates in dogfights, promotes dog fighting, or officiates at dogfights.
In Defense Of Animals offers a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of pet thieves. If you have information about these or other pet thieves, please contact: IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS at 1-800-STOLEN-PET (1-800-786-5367.)

United Kingdom:
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers a 1,000 pound reward for information regarding dog fighting (which leads to a bust). Contact them at:

North Talladega Humane Society, has announced the formation of the "Fund For the Prevention Of Animal Abuse". It's purpose is to offer rewards of from to for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone abusing animals. The more serous offenses being dog fighting and poisoning. This offer is area wide including adjoining counties. Additional information may be had by calling 256-249-3573.

Sangamon and Menard Counties Crime Stoppers: SAD (Stop Abuse of Dogs and other pets) The SAD Program was initiated to combat the increase in dog theft and dog fighting in Sangamon and Menard Counties. The information will be investigated by the proper authorities and if an arrest is made the caller will receive a cash reward. 800.397.2288
New York:
Out of the Pits Rescue: is offering a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone promoting or participating in dog fighting in the state of NY. They can be contacted at:
Humane Society of Wayne County is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone promoting or participating in dog fighting.
The Humane Society of Rochester & Monroe County at Lollypop Farm 99 Victor Road Fairport, NY 14450
585-223-1330 If you have information regarding animal fighting, contact the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm's Animal Cruelty Hotline at (716) 223-6500 immediately. Rewards of up to $3500 are available for information that leads to the arrest and/or conviction of individuals involved in animal fighting.
$1000 reward offered for information on dog fighting activity in Baltimore City and County. If you have information on dog fighting activity in Baltimore County, call 911. If you have information on dog fighting activity in Baltimore City call Animal Control at (410) 396-4698.
Boldog Training Kennel: offers a $250 reward to any person, outside the performance of law enforcement duties, who presses charges resulting in the arrest and conviction of any person who participates in a dog fight.

(Any persons aware of other organizations offering rewards please contact me to get that information posted here.)

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THIS, is the truth of dog fighting. Hideous conditions of living.


Of Interest To Law Enforcement Officers

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* Courtesty of KeepemScratchin Kennels

The following information will assist you in obtaining warrants and prosecuting dog fighting cases. This section is under construction so watch for additional information coming soon. I have presented it in a Q&A format for your convenience.

Q: What kinds of things would a dog fighter have on his property that a non-fighting pit bull owner would not have?

A: "Punk" dog fighters may have no medical supplies for their dogs, but it is not uncommon for dog fighters to have an extensive supply of materials which, as a group, do not representative things a non-fighting owner would have. Most of these items are used to repair wound damage, to treat shock, and other activities associated with the severe trauma associated with dog fighting. Below is a list of the most common items you might find when searching a fighter's residence. * Courtesty of KeepemScratchin Kennels

1. Solu-Delta-Cortef + Dexamethasone (Azium) (Prednisolone or Flumethasone).
Anti-Inflamatory/anti-shock injectibles. Reduces swelling.
2. Pain Killer (Lidocaine) or anykind.
3. Vitamin K Injectible. Promotes blood clotting.
4. Lactated Ringers + I.V. Catheters & Set-Ups.
5. Injectible Antibioctics. Ampicillin, Amoxicillin, or plain Penicillin Procain are used to prevent infection of wounds. MUST HAVE.
6. Lassix.
7. Gauze and Leg Tape
8. Pound Flesh or Caustic Powder. Helps stop bleeding.
9. Albacillian or Baytril.
10. Hydrogen Peroxide.
11. Betadine.
12. Prepodyne Swab (for ears).
13. Iodine Shampoo or Betadine Surgical Scrub (for bathing).
14. Sutures (both silk and gut), Staple Gun and Removers.
15. Derma-Clens.
16. Granulex Spray.
17. Scalpel and/or Surgical Razor.
18. Surgical Scissors.
19. Sterile Gloves.
20. Sterile Vaseline or KY Jelly.
21. Thermometer.
22. Super Glue. Used for repairing split ears and tailtips.
23. Leather Shoestring or Equivalent to be used as a tourniquet in case an artery is hit.
24. 3cc Syringes w/ 22-Guage Needles.
25. CytoMax + Canine Peak Condition (or Peak Performance).
26. Oxygen Set-up.
27. Blood Transfusion Set-up.
28. Epinephrine

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