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Historic U.S. Bill to end cruelty to wild animals in circuses

Historic U.S. Bill to end cruelty to wild animals in circuses

Bob Barker, Jorja Fox and animal protection organizations launch Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act

Today on Capitol Hill, Bob Barker and Jorja Fox will join Animal Defenders International, the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and members of Congress to launch a Bill that would end the use of wild animals in circuses in the USA.

The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act is the first bill to comprehensively tackle the use of all wild animals in US circuses ever to be launched in the U.S. It is a chance to break the chain of circus animal suffering in the U.S. once and for all.

Please join us for this historic launch event:

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When: Wednesday 2nd November
Time: 10.20am EST / 2.20pm UK

Careful research and detailed undercover investigations carried out by ADI in U.S. traveling circuses have shown the welfare of animals is unacceptably compromised.

The animals endure confinement, physical and social deprivation, long, arduous journeys, brutal control methods and physical violence. The training tools of the circus trade include bullhooks, electric prods, and whips.

Large animals like lions and tigers spend their lives cramped in small cages, and elephants are forced to live chained by one or more legs for hours on end.

In addition, traveling circuses pose a serious threat to public safety, as the keeping of wild, stressed animals in dangerously close proximity to the public is a recipe for disaster. Incidents of circus workers and members of the public having been killed and maimed by circus animals are well documented.

ADI�s evidence shows how law enforcement authorities have difficulty enforcing Federal animal health, safety, and welfare laws, and violations due to the mobile and transitory nature of traveling circuses.

Be part of this groundbreaking event by watching live:

When: Wednesday 2nd November
Time: 10.20am EST / 2.20pm UK

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