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Dying Elephant Trainer Tells All

The Wednesday December 16 Washington Post has an article by David Montgomery titled, "PETA, Ringling Bros. at odds over the treatment of baby circus elephants." (Page C1.) The article shares shocking information given to PETA by a Ringling Brothers elephant trainer shortly before he died, and is accompanied by disturbing photos. 

We learn that the trainers' wife had, on her deathbed, asked the trainer to do the right thing by the elephants. Just months before he died, two years later, the trainer got in touch with PETA and shared his photos and stories. PETA shared the photos and a taped interview of the trainer with the Washington Post, as well as with the USDA.

You'll find the full article on line at  and photos of baby elephants being separated by their mothers and trained using ropes and sharp bullhooks at

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