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Most of us by now are familiar with the gruesome dogfighting allegations against NFL superstar Michael Vick. The details of the allegations against Vick and his co-defendants -- dogs being electrocuted, hanged or otherwise tortured to death for not fighting well -- have led many Americans to question just how anyone can be capable of such hideous cruelty and more importantly, how we can stop it.

The first thing that concerned individuals can do is to learn to recognize the signs of dogfighting, which is occurring with alarming frequency in urban areas nationwide. Dogfights occur in basements, back alleys and abandoned warehouses, usually under cover of night. While the fights are conducted in relative secrecy, their evidence is not hard to come by. Pit bulls virtually pack animal shelters in most large cities, many bearing wounds and scars and exhibiting a neurotic, aggressive personality, sad hallmarks of a fighting dog.
Decent-minded folks can help shift the tide to law enforcement and eradicate dogfighting by demanding more from pop icons that influence today's youth. The pro athletes, music moguls and sportswear corporations whose imagery give dogfighting a nod and a wink need to be held accountable for the violence they peddle.

Until then, dogs -- and, indeed, common decency in America -- will continue to dwindle and die.

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