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A dogfight is a cruel activity in which two dogs are forced to fight for the sake of human entertainment and profit. There is absolutely NO reason in a civilized society for such greed and senseless abuse to continue. Pit-bulls, Rottweilers, or Dobermans are commonly used in fights. These normally sweet animals are raised under horrific conditions and abusively trained to be aggressive. This in turn gives these lovely animals the horrible reputation that they have today. Humane officers and other law enforcement agents often break up illegal Dogfighting rings and confiscate Dogfighting paraphernalia, including treadmills used to build the dog's endurance and drugs used to numb pain from injuries or to "jazz up" the dogs. They often find mesh bags, which are used to suspend kittens, rabbits, puppies, and other small prey above the dogs to encourage a "fighting spirit." Often times dogs and kitten are stolen from loving homes and used to bait fighting dogs.

 Sadly, they often find many dead and dying dogs, too. Dogs who do survive often sustain serious injuries, such as broken bones and crushed cartilage. Many suffer and die from blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion, or infection hours or days after a fight.  
 Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It is a felony offense in all but four states - Idaho, Iowa, West Virginia, and Wyoming - where it is a misdemeanor. Because Dogfighting is a felony in most states, Dogfighting rings are difficult to infiltrate and are run by extremely dangerous people.

Dogfighting Fact sheet

To note about this topic... It is very hard to find any information on this sickening "sport."

Hogs often sustain serious injuries during these events, such as ripped/torn off ears and haunches, mangled noses, ruptured scrotums, and other gaping wounds. It is considered by patrons of this so called sport  to be "wholesome fun," and young children are  often encouraged to harass  frightened pigs by chase them around the arena.



~ A list of Hog-dog supporters ~


UNCLE EARL'S HOG DOG TRIAL, Fairgrounds, Winnfield LA. (318) 628-4461.
Known as the largest hog dog trials in America.

COLD STEEL PITS, High springs FL . (386)-755-0682 Email
Known Hog Dog breeders.

OLSON'S WORKING BULLDOGS, Texas, Email  Website http://www.olsonsworkingbulldogs.  Known Hog Dog breeders.

SQUEAL-HILL KENNELS Texas. (936) 853-2954 Email Website

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