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Some of you live out of town, so this is just FYI. For others of you who live in Colorado, please join us...

Elephants have no voice but ours!!!

Please join us to kindly educate the public about the circus and elephant abuse!

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the "cruelest show on Earth" is coming to Denver, and we need your help to raise awareness about the cruelty and violence that go on behind the scenes at the circus. When Ringling is in your town, it's up to kind people like you to be a voice for the elephants who suffer so much yet have no voice but ours.

Experts, eyewitnesses, and video footage prove that physical abuse is standard practice for training elephants in circuses. Ringling's trainers have been observed hitting and jabbing elephants, including babies, with sharp steel-tipped rods called "bullhooks." We understand that Ringling causes pain and suffering to animals, but we must share this with others so that they, too, will boycott the circus.

We hope that you will take some time out of your busy schedule to join us for these important demonstrations:

Ringling will be in town for 12 days, doing 19 performances. We hope to be at many of them with my HUGE billboard (see below), IF it is not windy. But I need the help of 3 people to hold it. This billboard is very effective. Please let me know if you can help.

Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus

Denver Coliseum, 4600 Humbolt St., Denver


Thursday, Oct 2, 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Opening Night - We hope to have a large turn out for this!
Friday, Oct 3, 6 - 7:30pm
Saturday, Oct 4, 2 - 3:30pm and 6 - 7:30pm
Sunday, Oct 5, 2 - 3:30pm and 6 - 7:30pm
Wed, Oct 8, 6 - 7:30pm
Thurs, Oct 9, 6 - 7:30pm
Fri, Oct 10, 6 - 7:30pm
Sat. Oct 11 6 - 7:30pm

Kristal Parks, M.A. Director, Pachyderm Power!
Doing Conservation from the Elephants'  Point of View
[email protected]

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