Our film documentary DANCE OF DEATH,  first time to be presented in whole here on the internet. It has taken me three days to get the formatting correct, compression and then having to split it so that it can be loaded and viewed.
It has been done, for the bulls and horses who are tortured and killed in bullrings around the world -- and  in the memory of our dear Alfred Weirs, founder of the Intl. Council Against Bullfighting for which I was the Canadian/USA Representative, he would be so proud to see this film working still for the animals we love and care about so much !
I am forever thankful to Ihor, the amazing film photographer who gave so much to capture the footage -- to Actor Ed Asner who did the narration in spite not having seen the footage because he found it too offensive ! And to all the crew who gave their talent to the music and editing. Seeing it again is hard but I am so proud to have been able to use it again -- as it was meant to be used !
Feel free to share.
Part 1
Part 2

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