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Circus Facts and Tips from Serbia

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Important facts about Circus (not just animal problems)

There are many sanitary, safeties, veterinary and communal conditions which must be reached to put a Circus tent in Town.

Mexico, September 2008.
Elephant Hilda escaped from Circus Gran Circo Union Tykie : escape from circus and her execution (warning very disturbing video futage) watch it here:

Safety measures:

Cages and circus near environment (fences, tribines.. ) must be secured from animal escape excesses.

Animal relating issues:

-Circus must posses all Documents about Animals (origin, trade documents /circuses & zoos trade animals/ passports, history..)

-Needed Permits from Vets.

 Portugal, Tavira. September 24. '08.
Elephant in Victor Hugo Cardinali Circus

 (Animals must be healthy and posses no threats for human health )

Circuses travel around and can carry with them many diseases- trough their route they leave ugly scenes of urine puddles and feces piles which then spread in grass-anyone can pick it up--

Veterinarian approvals regarding animal's proper living conditions/ that they have proper shelter, food and fresh water source;

Animals must have overall good psychophysical state-- etc.).

 circus -near environment

- City permits (city codes and rules can be slightly different from city to city)
Permit for putting out the tents and use the communal areas and communal green areas must be given from different communal services (legal permits can't be issued for communal areas renting under 5 years;

all sanitary conditions must be meet before Circus can get permit to use communal area for wild and domesticated animals, sanitary and water conditions must be meet

Circus -near environment
goat feces
communal green area

Urine gushes trough small pipe (animal container)

all forms of animal "liquid waste" CAN NOT be mixed with human waste disposals /circus must be attached to the local sanitary plumbing system- separately- water and waste-in-out system.

 feces and urine puddles

All garbage must be divided (animal and human "hard waste" can not be dumped together, Circus can not use local dump boxes nor garbage cans for large and hard waste- for that purpose Circus have to rent special hard waste container from city--etc. )

 Animal abuse.

Many criminal laws of states posses' parts which cover animal abuse- ( there are codes like, 269 of criminal law of Serbia- which protects animals and prevent abuse in form of penalty which goes up to 3 years of prison for animal kill or abuse ).

(For example: CIRCUS Corrona/Moscow/ touring trough Serbia HAD NOT MEET ANY OF THOSE REQUIREMENTS. )

There is a huge chance that Circus that is not about to stop irritating You- DID NOT meet any of these requirements either- check it out in your local communal services and check those Criminal laws and City codes again- maybe you missed something--when several loosen ends get tied together- there could be a big ban(G) for Circus.

Wish you good "hunting"

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