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Canada Calf-Roping Under Fire by ARAs

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As the Calgary Stampede gets underway Friday, the debate over the ethics of calf roping is getting louder.

Both the Vancouver Humane Society and the Surrey, England-based League Against Cruel Sports have taken a hard-line against the sport of calf-roping.

"It's an event that exposes a young calf, three to four months old, to pain, fear, and distress, and also puts that animal at risk of injury or death," Peter Fricker of the Vancouver human society told CTV's Canada AM on Friday.

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A British animal-rights group has launched a campaign targeting what it calls the unethical treatment of animals at the Calgary Stampede.

The Surrey, England-based League Against Cruel Sports issued a statement Wednesday calling on Ottawa to "take steps to end the immense cruelty to animals in events such as calf-roping, which is practised at rodeos including the Calgary Stampede."

Head campaigner Steve Taylor said his organization had spoken to British nationals who have been to the Calgary stampede and were shocked to "discover the cruelty involved."

"They said to us, ‘We'd never visit a bull fight. We'd never have visited the Calgary stampede, had we known.'"

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