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Leading Australian Professor supports Vegan Warriors' Circus Condemnation

Following news that Vegan Warriors are actively campaigning against circuses in the Sunshine Coast Region, one of Australia's leading academics, Prof Barry Spurr, has contacted us expressing his disgust at these antiquated and cruel forms of "entertainment".

"Circuses with performing animals serve no educational purpose whatsoever. Especially so far as children of impressionable age are concerned, they are anti-educational, as they contradict the education children receive in school and elsewhere about respect for animals in their natural environments and in their natural behaviour patterns. Parents who take children to circuses with performing animals are acting unintelligently, irresponsibly and inhumanely."

Professor Barry Spurr
Fellow of the Australian College of Educators
University of Sydney

MLitt Oxf. MA PhD, FACE
Personal Chair in Poetry and Poetics

Protests are currently being organised at circus venues throughout the region via Facebook.

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