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Anti-greyhound racing presentation

Subject: Brilliant anti- greyhound racing presentation

Presentation 1.1 Mb pps   Dog racing - flash presentation


SDGA are sending this very useful anti-greyhound racing presentation to all our supporters which we have received from Greyhound Action HQ. (Please see attached).

For those of you who kindly respond to our action alerts and write to protest to companies that promote a 'night at the dogs' we strongly recommend you include this attachment in your letter of complaint. In fact this presentation can be sent to anyone who supports commercial greyhound racing. Some of the pictures in the presentation are disturbing but we at SDGA feel that this could be a positive thing as it may deter many people from supporting the industry. Please save this presentation in your documents folder and attach it every time you send an email to complain to companies who promote this evil industry.

Some forums that we are sending this email to cannot receive attachments, however if you would like us to send you this excellent presentation please email us at [email protected] and we will send it to you via your personal email address.

Many thanks for your invaluable support.

Helen Stevens SDGA

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