Philosophy Behind the Animal Liberation Movement

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Philosophy -- articles on general AR philosophy

         Animal Ethics - brilliant website
         Animal Rights Encyclopedia - Free to Reproduce

Morality -- Index

FAQs - Morality -- AR FAQs #11-25.

Speciesism -- articles showing the similarity of species.

Why AR? - Index of articles on the reasons we should fight for animals' rights.

Animal Testing -- Index of articles on animal testing in schools and businesses. Vivisection -- Index

School Labs -- Index

Biology -- Index

FAQs Biology -- AR FAQs #33-38.

FAQs Insects, Plants -- AR FAQs #39-47.

Religion -- Index of articles on religious doctrines on animal rights.

Legality -- Animal Rights law and lawyers. Defining what is legal.

Abuse Linked -- articles on links between animal abusers and violent crimes.

Debatable -- Articles on animal rights logic, topics of debate, and debating.

Abortion -- Abortion versus Animal Rights by Ted Altar.

     Vegetarianism and Abortion


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