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Animal Liberation: Augmenting the Moral Philosophy of Peter Singer - Prof. John Tamilio III, Ph. D. - 2016

Feeling For Aniamals and Animal Liberation - Dr. Michael W. Fox

AR Speech - Yourofsky - video, 2010

Journal of Animal Ethics - Dec 2013

Defending the Defenceless: Speciesism, Animal Liberation, and Consistency in Applied Ethics - March 2015

We must fight injustice to animals as we do injustice to blacks, women and gays - Archbishop Desmond Tutu - 2013

Animal Rights Speech by Simone Reyes - 2013

Animal Holocaust A Visual Culture - Sept 2013

How Corporations Create Animal Cruelty - April 2013

Looking Back, Moving Forward - podcast - January 2013

Peter Singer peers into the future of animal rights - Sept 2010

The Superior Animal? Who Do We Think We Are? - April 2012

International Critical Animal Studies (website), What Is Critical Animal Studies?
Watch "All life forms do not hang on the judgment of one species" -
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Why Justice for Animals Is the Social Movement of Our Time (VIDEO) - March 2016

Why I'm An Animal Rights Activist When There Is So Much Human Suffering In The World - June 2015

Eat Meat? You're Probably Socially Intolerant Too, Say Researchers - May 2015

One life: why animals require legal personhood - March 2015

Unconditional Anti-Oppression: The Rise of Anti-Speciesism in the Anarchist Movement - Jan 2015

All Forms of Life are Sacred - Jan 2015

Animal Activists: Radicals Who Don't Know They Are Radicals - Nov 2014

Tom Vegan Video - Oct 2014

Carnism and Tolstoy's First Step - Sept 2014

A Philosophical Examination of Eco-terrorism - August 2014

Earthlings, Anarchists and Other Animals - July 2014

Needless killing of bear cubs reflects dark side of our species - July 2014

Five Reasons Slaves Still Catch Your Seafood - March 2014

Commodities and Cages - Feb 2014

Speciesism: The final frontier - Feb 2014

Why are Animal Activists Often Accused of Anthropomorphism? - Feb 2014

Philosophical Aspects in the Ecocide Act Draft - January 2014

The Roots of Compassion - January 2014

The Ethical Principles of Transcendental Existentialism - Dec 2013

ScienceLIVE: Should Animals Be Granted Legal Rights? - Dec 2013

The Most Radical Idea in History! - October 2013

Fascism and the Language of 'Humane' Meat - October 2013

Singer criticizes "speciesism" at animal rights panel - Oct 2013

Can We See Our Hypocrisy to Animals? - July 2013

Pigs smart as dogs? Activists pose the question - July 2013

The Antispeciesist Revolution - July 2013

THE RIGHT TO LIFE- A Critical Ethics, by Mira Fong - July 2013

A Universal Declaration on Animal Sentience: No Pretending - June 2013

Baby Vegetarian Floors Mom with Precocious Opposition to Eating Animals - June 2013

Myths Keep Our Conscience on a Tight Leash - February 2013

Being Vegan -- A Clear Conscience For All - December 2012

The Shifting Definition of Veganism - December 2012

Comparing animal rights and the Holocaust - October 2012

What social psychology can tell us about abolitionist social change - October 2012

Save One Animal Or Improve The Lives Of Many? - September 2012

The Reality of Moral Facts - September 2012

How ARAs Are Being Manipulated by Corporations - August 2012

Commons: Alternatives To Markets And States - August 2012

Transcendental Realistic Imperative Supersedes Kant's Categorical Imperative - August 2012

Moral, Immoral, Good, Evil - August 2012

Rights for Cetaceans - July 2012

Ecology and Socialism - July 2012

Why We Are Vegan - July 2012

Philip Wollen, Australian Philanthropist, Former VP of Citibank, Makes Blazing AR Speech - June 2012

Memorial Day - Loss of Consciousness - May 2012

Time to Change (Unofficial)_Blendeskil featuring Dr. Steve Best - May 2012

How Do You Like Your Meat? - April 2012

Making An Ethical Case for Eating Meat - April 2012

Return to the Sentient - Mira Fong, April 2012

Gary Steiner on animal rights and the vegan imperative - April 2012

Peter Singer - The Genius of Darwin: The Uncut Interviews - Richard Dawkins - March 2012

Critical Theory and Animal Liberation - March 2012

Marine Mammals Need Rights, Too, Scientists Say - March 2012

Opposition Confirms My Purpose - March 2012

Book Review: Why Animal-Suffering Matters - Feb 2012

The Rights of Animals - Feb 2012

The Meaning of Life - Feb 2012

Transhumanism - Feb 2012

Super Predatory Humans - Feb 2012

Corporate Power Vs. Animal Rights - February 2012

Camille Marino Arrested -- Are Animal Rights Activists a "Hate Group"? - February 2012

Anthropocentrism versus biocentrism: A False Dichotomy

Animal Rights is Terrorism?

Broken Movement

The Killing of Animals in Shelters and Pounds Is An Animal Rights Issue - January 2012

Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights - Jan 2012

We Can't Handle the Truth - Spanish Translation - Jan 2012

Lest We Forget -- Dec 2011

Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series - November 2011

Dr. Steven Best - Pacificism and Peaceful Activism - October 2011

Dr. Steven Best - on Abolition and Activism - October 2011

Dr. Steven Best - Fuck the Law - Riot now! - October 2011

Wrong to call animal activists 'terrorists' - October 2011

Meat Eaters Have No Compassion

When it Comes to Animal Rights, Who is an Abolitionist? - 9/2011

Launch of a New Veterinary Animal Welfare and Ethics Institute - 9/2011

Why ARAs are Crazier than the Rest - Sept 2011

The slow but steady animal rights revolution, from 'Planet of the Apes' to slaughter-free meat - September 2011

Johnnie Walker Wisdom, Only Less Inebriating - September 2011

Our Task, by Steve Best, PhD. - August 2011

Radical Activism Or The Fight For Equality.pdf

How Animal Welfare Signals Moral Progress - July 2011

Science Weighs In At Last: Part Two - July 2011

AR, human rights: Interlocking oppressions and finding allies - June 2011

Green is the New Rage - June 2011

Total Liberation and Moral Progress: The Struggle for Human Evolution - June 2011

Animal Agency: Resistance, Rebellion, and the Struggle for Autonomy - January 2011

The Vampire Dilemma - June 2011

Animal Advocacy and Abortion - June 2011

Gaps in the Mind - June 2011

Animal Madness - June 2011

Critical Theory and Animal Liberation - May 2011

Updating the Case for Animals Rights - May 2011

Animal Rights Extremists v. Animal Torture Extremists - April 2011

Helping Starving People by Being Vegetarian

Launch of ground-breaking Journal of Animal Ethics - April 2011

What Is Vandalism? - March 2011

In Defense of the Underground - March 2011

We Can't Handle the Truth - March 2011

Why ARAs Should Support Incremental Reforms - Feb 2011

Science Weighs In: Welfarist Reforms Cause People to Buy Significantly Less Meat - Feb 2011

Animal Rights and the Humane Treatment Principle - Feb 2011

Parallel Vegan Universe(s) - Feb 2011

It's a Dog's Life, and it Matters - Feb 2011

A Ladder for Compassionate Hearts - Cheryl Greear

Total Liberation: Revolution for the 21st Century - Steven Best

Franken Fish and the Meaning of Human Evolution - Mira Fong

Don't Eat Animals - IQ2 Debate - Dec 2010

Feminism and AR

Are animal rights activists terrorists?

The Trolley Moral Dilemma

The Mind is a Frequent, But Not Happy, Wanderer

I am a Speciesist

Ethics Discussion

Ethics, Humans, and Other Animals Reading and Discussion Jan 2, 2010

Ethics and Global Hunger

Animal Liberation, Human Liberation and the Future of the Left - Steven Best

Non-Vegan 'Food' & Child Pornography - Oct 2010

Abolition requires a multi-tactical movement strategy - Oct 2010

Vegetarian Debate at Princeton - Sept 2010

If You Love Something, You Don't Kill It. - Sept 2010

Animal Rights Essay - Adam Layish, Sept 2010

A Reasonable Persuasion - Mira Fong, Sept 2010

Murder and Genocide are Natural, therefore rebel! - 9/10

Gary Francione Responds to UK's George Monbiot - 9/10

Food Justice is an Animal Rights Issue - 8/10

New Writings by Animal Liberation Press Officer, Adviser - 8/10

Conflicted meat-eaters deny meat-animals have capacity to suffer - 8/10

Who Lives and Who Dies - July 2010

A man walks into a restaurant - this is a test - July 2010

Why Do I Support ALF? - July 2010

Our Species Reeks of Arrogance... - July 2010

Trying to Prove the Abolitionists Wrong - June 2010

Animals and Ethics - June 2010

Animal Extremism-- Yes, yes it is. - June 2010

Cetacean Rights: Fostering Moral and Legal Change - June 2010

Animal Liberators' Efforts Justified - May 2010

ARA Social Disorder - May 2010

Time to Empower Ourselves - May 2010

Marginalized Activists - May 2010

Dr. Best, Interview - May 2010

Animal Liberation-How Do We Get There? - May 2010

What Are We Fighting For - May 2010 (Response to Kathleen Marquardt)

Dissent Repression - May 2010

NIO Galvanization - May 2010

Rebuttal to an Animal Terrorist - April, 2010

The Abstract Effects Will Become Tangible Consequences - January 2010

The Most Dangerous Idea in the World: Non Violence - Jan 2010

New Ethics - Written in 1907

We've Become Our Own Predators... - September 2009

Everyone Who Is Not Clearly Supporting Violent Direct Action Supports the State's Terrorist Oppression - September 2009

New Era Dawning for Animal Rights - September 2009

2 essays for animal advocates

Holocaust of Animals in the World

Rivers of Blood - Jason Miller

Fuck compassion: We whack 'em and stack 'em - June 2009 -- The Tom Regan AR Archive [pdf]

Tom Regan has taught at North Carolina State University since 1967, and he is well-known for his work in the field of animal rights within the discipline of philosophy. In 2000, the North Carolina State University Libraries received a large gift to establish an archive of his personal papers and books, and since then, they have also created this online collection for the general public. First-time visitors can perform an advanced search on the documents contained here, or they may also want to browse through categories that include animal rights legislation, animals in the news, diet ethics, and farmed animals. Within each section, visitors can view a list of related web sites and also learn about other external resources. Additionally, visitors can also learn about research opportunities at the Center.


Our Task According to Dr. Steven Best - April 2009
Presence of Malice: UK Activists vs Lee Hall - March 2009
Averting the China Syndrome - by Steve Best and Jason Miller
Animal rights? Some things shouldn't happen to a dog - February 2009
Pacifism or Animals: Which Do You Love More? - by Steve Best and Jason Miller
AR vs AW - another analysis (Dec. 08)
AR vs AW -simplified
AW or AR? Dismantling a False Opposition
The absurd persistence of domination - by Jason Miller
Common Natures, Shared Fates: Toward an Interspecies Alliance Politics
Tracing AR Philosophy - November 2008
UC Regents Make Case for Illegal Direct Action to Stop Animal Abuse - 11/08
The Killing Fields of South Africa: Eco-Wars, Species Apartheid, and Total Liberation - Dr. Steve Best, November 2008
Strategic Analysis of Animal Welfare Legislation - October 2008
In Defense of Actual Animals - October 2008
Animal Rights Should Be Part of Progressive Politics - Sept '08
Animal liberation - A movement evolving - a critical look at hierarchy
We Have A Dream - By Animal Liberationists Worldwide
Veganism as a Cultural Movement (.pdf) - by Elizabeth Cherry
Sentient Like Me: Ape Rights & the Myth of Intelligence amongst Speciesists
An Immodest Proposal: Sink your teeth into this - by Jason Miller
Human Myth . org - offers provocative new testimony from former farmers
Abolitionist FAQ - plus pamphlet
Master Speciesist
Abolitionism versus Reformism
Abolitionism versus Reformism 2
Best Interview - Can We Shed Our Moral Primitivism Before It's Too Late? May 2008
     Evolve or Die
Animals Have Rights - LTE March 2008
Is AR the Next Social Justice Movement? - March 2008
Thinking of the Animals on Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Jan 08
Animal Liberation Is Human Liberation - Dec 2007
The universal declaration of animal rights - 2007
Animal Rights and the New Enlightenment - Dr. Steven Best
Animal Welfare - A Siren Song to ARAs -- essay against AW
One-Track Activism: Animals Pay the Price -- essay for AW
The Philosophy of Animal Rights, by Tom Regan
Animals' Bill of Rights -- Bill of Rights for Animals.
Declaration of AR -- Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. London, 1977.
Animal Rights Strategy
Violence and Civil Disobedience - An historical perspective
A View to A Kill - For the Birds
Iron Cage of Movement Bureaucracy - by Dr. Steven Best
Welfarism and Liberation - by Matt Ball
Legally Blind: The Case For Granting Animals Rights - by Dr. Steven Best
Our Need to Speak for Animals
NAALPO January 2007 Newsletter
Rethinking Revolution - by Dr. Steven Best
An Animal's Place -- Michael Pollan on animal rights, animal welfare, and a compassionate diet.
The Rights of Animals - Sam Vaknin, October 2006
One Right -- Animal Rights simplified to just one right -- the right not to be treated as property.
Beyond Might Makes Right -- In searching for an honest, consistent ethic, if one believes that humans have rights, there are no legitimate grounds for rejecting rights for all other animals.
Philosophical Differences -- Does property destruction = eco-terrorism?
AR, Untamed -- by Lee Hall. March 2006.
Not IPOD -- An animal is not an iPod, by Diane Sullivan.
Domination - 2005. AR & the Philosophy of Domination: "Let's Play Overseer" by Patricia Ross.
All Animals Are Equal -- ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL by Peter Singer.
Kantian Critique - Critique of Kantian Theory of Indirect Moral Duties to Animals by Jeff Sebo.
Kantian 2 -- The Failure of the Kantian Theory of Indirect Duties to Animals by Heather Fieldhouse.
Rights Don't Exist -- A Libertarian Replies to Tibor Machan's 'Why Animal Rights Don't Exist' by David Graham.
Conservative Veg -- Commentary by a conservative vegetarian.
Justify Testing -- Aug 2005. Benefits of animal experiments no longer exist.
What We Eat -- Why, Matthew Scully asks, is cruelty to a puppy appalling and cruelty to livestock by the billions a matter of social indifference?, by George Will.
Animal Welfare -- Animal Rights and Animal Welfare: Five Frequently Asked Questions by Gary L. Francione.
Green Fire -- Animal Rights--The Fierce Green Fire? by Greg Brown.
Mainstream? -- Is Animal Rights Now a Mainstream Discussion Topic? by Mark W. Bunch.
Remarks -- Controversial Remarks by AR Journalist . Extensive interview of Merritt Clifton, controversial editor of ANIMAL PEOPLE.
Response by Professor Gary Francione to some specific statements made by Clifton.
Defending Agitation -- Defending Agitation and the ALF By Bruce G. Friedrich.
Best - Total Liberation Festival  - 2003, videos
Epistemologies of Ignorance (pdf file) - Richard Kahn


Whatever Happened to "Above All, Do No Harm?"

My Dog or ? -- My Dog or Your Child? Ethical Dilemmas and the Hierarchy of Moral Value.
How Do You Want to Be Viewed by History?
Mythic Non-violence - by Taime Bryant - September 2006
Direct Action - An Essay from FreeTheAnimals - September 2006
A Collection of Essays on Utilitarianism
Ill-Gotten Gains -- Ill-Gotten Gains by Tom Regan.
ZygonSelf. pdf -- Considering Animals -- Not "Higher Primates", by Marc Bekoff.


The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving - November 2008
Paul Watson Commentary - Feb. 2007. Dealing with the Hypocrisy of Human Perceptions
An Animal Holocaust?
Press Officer Lindy Greene on "Violence - September 2006
10,000 Years -- 10,000 Years Is Enough, by David Cantor.
Animal Facts -- Animal Rights overview. Facts on using animals for food, clothes, entertainment.
Conservative Support -- Farm Animal Abuse Addressed in Leading Conservative Magazine.
Matthew Scully -- articles about animal rights from leading conservative.


Homo rapiens be damned: Savagery is not programmed into our DNA - Jan 09 - "Pest"
Just Go Five More Animals
When human rights extend to nonhumans
What Is Veganism?
Two Pigs; a response, a parody, and analysis - Oct 2007; NY Times article
In Defense of Misanthropy
The Animals Refusing To Die - August 2007
Extremism In Academia - April 2007
Attitudes -- Animal Protection Issues. Diagram of Attitudes Toward Animals.
Social Democracy -- From Social-Democracy to Social-Fascism, by Takis Fotopoulos
When Animals Suffer, So Do We -- Apr. 2006. Do the animal rights nuts know something we don't? by Kelly Overton.
History w/Animals -- Humanity's History with Animals: The Beginnings.
Opinionatedly Yours -- Essays by Barry Kent MacKay.
Peace -- What's So Patriotic About Peace?
Philosophy -- Links to Blogs, Articles, Essays.
Caged -- Flash movie from S.A.N.E.
Are You a Terrorist? -- Here's what it takes.
Trash Animals -- What is a Trash Animal?
New Abolitionists -- Dr. Steven Best.
Free Speech and Patriotism -- Patriots and Parrots: Imprisoning Tongues in America by Charlotte Laws .
Human Egotism - Excerpt from Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot"
Faggotarian -- Connecting Liberation Struggles
abortion-rigth to life - essay, discussion
Humane Meat Q - essay, Francione
morality_poverty - Singer
Singer - Ethicist 2009
Premature Death AR - essay
Anti-AR Argument - discussion
Ethics - global hunger - Singer
Ideas to Debate
J.Miller - Polite Side
Humane Killin
Animal Rights Essay
Singer Sanctity
UK elections: Animals Count manifesto launch
Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare: Making the Case
Diary Industry on Animal Rights
Ethics - Helping the Poor
Flaws In AR Philosophy
Ideas to Debate
Is Animal Rights a tenable position?
Animal Terrorism - Psychopathy
Who Defines the AR Movement?
Jerry Factor

Lev Tolstoy and the Freedom to Choose One's Own Path  Word Doc ; Adobe .pdf
Andrea Rossing McDowell, PhD

Jewish Ethics and Nonhuman Animals  Word Doc ; Adobe .pdf
Lisa Kemmerer, PhD

Deliberative Democracy, Direct Action, and Animal Advocacy  Word Doc ; Adobe .pdf
Stephen D'Arcy, PhD

Should Anti-Vivisectionists Boycott Animal-Tested Medicines? Word Doc ; Adobe .pdf
Katherine Perlo, PhD

Factory Farming FAQs.pdf and Factory Farming FAQs2.pdf



AR_FAQs.pps  1.2 Mb Summary of AR philosophy
Summary of the Animal Rights Philosophy   MS Powerpoint presentation, 435 Kb
The Animal Spectrum MS Powerpoint presentation, 838 Kb
History and Ethics of Vivisection MS Powerpoint, 1554 Kb
Animal Experimentation: Law, Morality, Practice MS Powerpoint, 658 Kb
Environmental Ethics MS Powerpoint, 449 Kb
AR Theories MS Powerpoint, 334 Kb
Animal Rights MS Powerpoint, 817 Kb
Care and Use of Animals In Research MS Powerpoint, 2144 Kb
Ethics and the End.ppt
Pl300 Animal rights.ppt

Animal Cruelty

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