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Chickens Are Intelligent, Gentle Vivacious Individuals

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From Chicken Rescue

Chickens are highly intelligent, gentle, vivacious individuals who form strong lifelong emotional bonds with each other as well as other species.

They are warm and silky and lovely to hold.

They are primarily ground dwelling birds who are very home and routine centered and can thrive in a space the size of a normal urban backyard and home. They can coexist happily with compatible dogs and cats and have similar life spans.

Adopting a chicken will increase compassion and reduce violence in the world. They are the most unjustly treated land animals on the planet. Each year in the US, over 10 billion chickens suffer from intense confinement, cruel handling and painful terrifying deaths. Although they represent over 95% of the animals raised for agricultural and other purposes, they are excluded from protection of anticruelty laws, humane slaughter laws and laws that regulate experimentation.

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Don't buy chicks from hatcheries.

United Poultry Concerns

July 8, 2008

"No, Chickens aren't stupid." Letter by UPC President Karen Davis in The Plain Dealer Letters section, July 2, 2008.

Notice that the hen in the photo has been "beak-trimmed."

The article to which this letter refers can be read at

The comment, "For all practical purposes, chickens are stupid," was made by a "cage-free" egg producer in Ohio, near the end of the article. The company is called Nature Pure.

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