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Memorial Day - Loss of Consciousness

Memorial Day 2012

"Their silent wounds have speech
More eloquent than men;
Their tones can deeper reach
Than human voice or pen."
- William Woodman

I woke up one recent morning, shortly before 1 AM, thinking of the pain of that final moment of life in which death turns conscious thought into oblivion. The pain. I watched the assembly line of thrashing birds hanging upside down, struggling mightily, waiting their turn to have their throats severed.

I thought of their lifeless bodies wrapped neatly in refrigerated cases. The number '27 million' floated at the forefront of my consciousness and I could no longer sleep. Today, just as yesterday and tomorrow, 27 million animals will die in this manner only to feed American consumers. Every day, 27 million. It is a haunting thought.

In the spirit of machine-like efficiency, the Third Reich produced a killing machine which harvested human bodies much the same way that today's modern American slaughterhouses daily cut 27 million animals into edible portions.

Jews were "processed" in Nazi slaughterhouses, and the killing was designed to be efficient. Human slaughterhouses were staffed with workers hired from animal slaughterhouses. Hitler was influenced by and adapted the assembly-line efficiency of Henry Ford's car factories.

If farm animals sense the details of their final solution, they would stampede long before being loaded onto trucks. Jews were transported by trucks and trains. They were then delivered to slaughterhouses, and had no reason to believe that anything other than water would come out of shower spigots. Instead, doors were locked and they were gassed to death. Efficient murder.

Animal slaughterhouse workers live lives of violence, and soon become immune to the horrors of their daily jobs. Occasionally, these workers capture a moment. A glance from a dying animal asking for help. A look of fear, asking "Why are you doing this to me?"

Nazi Germany tried hard to keep secret their holocaust. People standing along train routes knew the fate of the Jews. The secret was not much of a secret to these people, who participated in a national effort to keep truth from victims. Today's slaughterhouse secrets are kept from the public. In 1996, Paul and Linda McCartney issued this joint statement:

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian."

In Nazi times, none had the courage to speak. Today, those attempting to document the animal slaughter by filming any part of the process are arrested as trespassers and charged with newly enacted acts of domestic terrorism.

It takes just two seconds to read aloud the following words: "The animal holocaust continues."

During those two seconds, 625 animals have had their throats cut, have felt the pain, and are thrashing in their final moments.

The 37,500 killed in the previous minute are now being processed for human consumption. The hourly assembly line of undeserving creatures will exceed one million murders. If this is not a holocaust, what not-yet invented word can be applied to such mass murder? Do you play a role and share the complicity in this horror?

The animal holocaust continues.

Robert Cohen

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