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(UT) Salt Lake Tribune: Ag-Gag Bills Chill Free Speech

Animal rights lawyer: Farm photo bill chills free speech; UVU conference tackles issues related to animal law.

....Proponents say the so-called "ag gag" laws are needed to protect the agriculture industry from animal-rights groups that might manipulate images to further their anti-agriculture agendas. Sterling Brown, vice president of public policy for the Utah Farm Bureau, said in an interview in February that the bill addressed concerns that individuals and groups are going to farms "with the intent of harming the animal industry."

"We want to bring that to a close," said Brown. "Or at least to bring some penalties to these types of actions."

But Lovitz, who teaches animal law at Temple and Drexell universities in Pennsylvania, said the real purpose of "ag gags" is to keep the public from seeing abuses that take place on some farms....

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