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Utah Sleuth Dedicated to Welfare of Animals

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- John Fox is sitting in his office sifting through black-and-white photos of dogs, cats and horses, but they're not the cute, postcard variety. One by one he pulls the photos from a file and places them on a table to show a guest - dozens of gory shots that are not for the weak-kneed.

They tell the tale of horrors that Fox has lived with during his 37 years as an animal cruelty investigator for the Humane Society of Utah. Cats and dogs with arrows stuck through various body parts - head, muzzle, eye, abdomen. Two suffering dogs chained in mud and water. A cat with a plastic bag secured over its head. A dog with its muzzle wired shut. The charred remains of a cat that had been doused with lighter fluid and then set on fire and turned loose.

There's no end to the carnage: A cat with a screw screwed into its head. Dogs with chain collars embedded in the skin of their necks. A pony with hooves so long they curl back into the shape of wooden shoes. Horses mired in mud up to their knees, keeled over dead. Horses that are mere skeletons with a little hide stretched over them. Dogs with gunshot wounds.

"I've seen things you'd never want to see," says Fox.

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