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New Law Saves Puppy

Sept. 24, 2007

New law saves puppy

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LAST month, I wrote a column about the new, tougher Texas animal-abuse law that went into effect Sept. 1 and introduced Belinda Smith, the assistant district attorney who couldn't wait to prosecute people who hurt animals. She's an animal lover, and you don't mess with animal lovers.

So here's the happy follow-up and a call for help to make it even happier.

"I filed cruelty charges against a defendant who repeatedly beat his dog with a baseball bat and chained him tight to a fence. This was the first cruelty case I prosecuted under the new law. I did it the day the law went into effect. The day before, I couldn't have done anything about it," Smith said.

"The law saved this pup's life. We got the dog out of there, and charges are pending."

When Smith rescued the dog, his head was three times its normal size from the beating. Smith brought the puppy to a vet and then to the Houston Humane Society, where he's spent the last few weeks recovering.

Good going, lawyer Smith. Now let's put a nice pretty bow on the story.

"I need to find a forever home for the puppy. He is sweet and adorable. He's completely recovered from his unpleasant experience and shows no effects. I am running out of friends and co-workers to adopt the victims -- the ones who are lucky enough to survive. Would you please feature Mickey (his new name) as your Sunday Pet of the Week? As an added incentive, I will throw in an official district attorney baseball cap to the person who adopts him," Smith said.

I'm not waiting for Sunday. Mickey is our first Tuesday Pethouse Pet of the Week.


Ethnicity: "I'm a smallish Husky mix. Hey, this is America, we're all a little too Husky for our own good."

Birthdate: Sept. 3, 2006.

Turn-ons: Living.

Turn-offs: Being beaten by a rotten person.

Ideal home: Yours.

Mickey is available for adoption at the Houston Humane Society, 1470 Alameda Road, south of Reliant Stadium. The dog is certified healthy, fixed, happy and good to go home. He's smart and energetic and will make a terrific pet. Mostly, he just likes to have his tummy rubbed.

The Houston Humane Society opens today at 11 a.m. -- I want to see Mickey's tail heading out the door. Let's get this sweet dog a home.

In addition to the cool district attorney hat, I'll throw in a couple of Hoffy Burger dinners.

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