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WAG Asked The Following Question Of A Legal Expert!

"If a person breaks the law, or takes the law into their own hands in order to save someone, what is the legal exposure -civil or criminal?" The reply - "If compliance with the law would result in a greater harm than breaking the law, the defense of necessity justifies breaking the law"..

NETCU Watch website update Dec 14th 2006


In this short update of NW is an article relating to two people who were recently strolling through a shopping center in the North of England when seven police officers approached them and began to search them.

The crime? being "Suspected Animal Rights Activists". So as it seems in this day and age activists can now be expected to be followed, searched and ejected from public areas even if they are not demonstrating!

Also a report from Indymedia on the recent high court victory for anti-war campaigners who were illegally detained by police on their way to RAF Fairford (Gloucs) who fought the police all the way through the courts and achieved a victorious outcome for the freedom to protest!

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