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Meat Industry in Supreme Court

On November 9, 2011, who said, "California Should Butt Out!"

It was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

After graphic animal abuse undercover movies were shown on national television, California changed its law to insure that animals unable to walk under their own power into slaughterhouses could not be used for human consumption.

Cattle producers sued, claiming that existing federal law does not specifically prohibit the kicking of such animals, or the sticking of pitchforks into creatures unwilling to walk to slaughter, or the dragging of such pained creatures by tractor. The state of California passed a law to make animal slaughter more compassionate, and the meat industry doth protested. The case has now reached the Supreme Court.

During oral arguments, Justice Scalia's comment revealed his personal bias. According to news reports, not one justice made a comment favorable to the new compassionate animal slaughter law despite watching the painful abuse videos. The legal claim is that federal statutes should not be subordinated to federal law.

The meat industry will probably win this case on legal grounds, and the Supreme Court will rule against compassion for animals, based upon strict interpretations of law based upon precedent and not based upon the actual merits of this case.

Somewhere, there is a universal supreme court much higher in standing than America's Supreme Court, and hopefully, supreme justice and supreme compassion will one day rule.

Robert Cohen

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