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Landmark Lawsuit Filed in NYC to ban Kaporos

July 9, 2015

FYI: Myself and Jessica Astrof, Esq. have filed a lawsuit in New York County Supreme Court seeking a permanent injunction banning the practice of using live chickens for the Jewish ritual known as Kaporos, wherein live birds are grabbed by their wings (many times, breaking them) and swung around in the air above a practitioner's head, before the chicken's throat is slit and she is killed. It is believed that the sins of the human are transferred to the chicken during this ritual of atonement. Our plaintiffs include the Alliance to End Chicken as Kaporos, which is an association of United Poultry Concerns, along with twenty other local resident plaintiffs.

Approximately 50,000 birds are trucked into Brooklyn for this event, which takes place the week before Yom Kippur. Many die in transit, or in the stifling crates they are packed tightly into, without being given food or water for days. This event takes place in the streets of Brooklyn, which become entrenched in blood, feces, urine, feathers, and toxic and contaminated debris. This event also takes place in many other locations throughout the country. According to religious custom, coins may be used in place of chickens for this ritual.

The law suit alleges that this event violates numerous health codes, agriculture and markets laws, sanitation laws, street permit regulations, labor laws, and animal cruelty laws; and that this event is a public nuisance. It is also alleged that the NYPD and other city agencies fail to fulfill their obligations of enforcing the laws, rules, and regulations that are routinely violated.

Read the story in the New York Daily News and watch the Channel 7 news interview below.

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