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Conference: Animals and the Law

21 octobre 2011
Conference: Animals and the Law

The way that the Law, both common and civil, treats animals is the central theme of a conference organised by Unversitat Aut´┐Żnoma de Barcelona and supported by the European Commission.

The conference, taking place in Barcelona on 24-25 October, aims to ensure that the main questions of both legal systems related to animals are dealt with in an interdisciplinary manner. The laws in question should respond both to the concerns of the academic world and those of the general public, which is showing a growing concern for animal welfare issues.

The event is part of a series of conferences leading to the 2012 Minding Animals Conference. The latter is an integrative, informative and interpretative event for academics, stakeholders and other civil society representatives, which have the environment and/or animal advocacy -including animal protection, animal welfare, animal rights and wildlife protection- as their shared interest.

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