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ANIMAL LAW WEBSITES - listing of USA Legal and Law Enforcement Office location - NOT necessarily related to animal laws

The Animal Law Center - Colorado, US
The Animal Law Center provides an array of legal services for animal owners and guardians. No other firm in Colorado, and very few firms through the United States, practice animal-related law on a full time basis. While individual members of The Animal Law Center hold political and ethical beliefs related to animals, the ALC considers ALL cases, regardless of a potential client’s political and ethical views. The ALC is a firm that practices law as it pertains to animals, not necessarily animal-rights law.

Animal Law Read ARLAN Review! (Oct 2003) provides access to legislation and legal matters pertaining to the rights and welfare of animals, it supports information concerning animal cruelty, laboratory animal welfare, the use of animals in education, product testing and in the laboratory, animal control issues, and general animal welfare.

Animal Law Review (USA) Read ARLAN Review! (Sept. 2002)
Animal Law is a student-run law journal based at Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Animal Law offers a unique forum for the scholarly discussion of legal issues related to animals.

Animal Legal Defense Fund (USA) Read ARLAN Review! (July 2002)
Leading US animal rights law organisation.

Animal Legal & Historical Center (USA)
Hosted by Michigan State University this site contains a very extensive dtabase of U.S. animal related case law and legislation.

Animal Rights Law Project (USA) Read ARLAN Review! (June 2002)
An academic project by lawyer Gary L Francione who teaches animal rights law at Rutgers Law School in the United States.

Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare (ALAW) (UK)
ALAW is a group made up of lawyers and legal academics based in the UK. ALAW's aim is to pursue the welfare and interests of animals through legal channels. ALAW recently produced the first edition of their newsletter - the Journal of Animal Welfare Law. The journal features updates on UK court decisions and legislation concerned with animal welfare as well as in depth legal articles on topical issues.

Australian Lawyers for Animals (ALFA) (Au)
Australian Lawyers for Animals Inc. is an incorporated non-profit Association based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Center for the Expansion of Fundamental Rights
CEFR seeks to expand such fundamental legal rights as bodily integrity and bodily liberty to nonhuman animals, beginning with chimpanzees and bonobos, through litigation and education. Read ARLAN Review! (August 2003)

Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine (UK) Read ARLAN Review! (March 2003)
A UK based group of doctors and legal professionals campaigning for the abolition of animal experiments

Institute for Animal Rights Law (IARL)
Providing legal information, analysis and guidance for the animal rights movement

Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy (UK) Read ARLAN Review! (April 2003)

National Centre for Animal Law (USA)
Based at Lewis and Clark law school in Portland Orgeon, the Centreaims to draw, train and support those who practice animal law.

 NSW Young Lawyers Animal Rights Committee (Au) Read ARLAN Review! (August 2002)
A committee of Australian lawyers which aims to examine and respond to legal issues associated with animals and their welfare.

The International Institute for Animal Law Read ARLAN Review! (February 2003)
The International Institute for Animal Law has been established to encourage, at the international level, the development of legal scholarship and advocacy skills on behalf of animals. Dedicated to creating and supporting programs that will enhance the development of laws that protect animals.

Voiceless: The Fund for Animals - Legal Arm (Au)
Voiceless works to promote respect and compassion for animals, increase awareness of the conditions in which they live and take action to protect animals from suffering. Voiceless has an established legal arm and operates animal law discussion boards and 'law talk' forums with special guest lawyers that work in this area. A must see site for all Australian and NZ legal professionals!

Law Student Groups

Harvard University SALDF

Chicago-Kent College of Law SALDF

Lewis and Clark Law School SALDF

Vermont Law School SALDF

Loyola Law School SALDF

Nova Southeastern University SALDF

Northeastern University School of Law SALDF

Bar Associations and Law Society Chapters

Washington State Bar Animal Law Section

Texas State Bar Animal Law Section

Minnesota State Bar Animal Law Section

Connecticut Bar Association Animal Law Section

Pennsylvania State Bar Animal Law Section

Los Angeles County Bar Association Animal Issues Committee

Kansas City Bar Association Animal Law Committee

Animal Law Practitioners

United States of America

The Animal Law Practice:
Shannon Keith Animal Rights Activist & Attorney at Law:
Animal Law Centre Boulder Colorado:
Toye and Associates Animal Law:
Scott beckstead Animal Law:
Law Offices of Amy A Breyer:
Animal Law Associates of Wisconsin
The Animal Law Office

United Kingdom

Coopers & Co Solicitors - Firm specialising in dog law and criminal animal law cases:
Peter Rolph - Specialises in dog law:

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