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ASPCA's "Stealth" Bill to Undermine CAARA In NY--We Must Defeat It


February 12, 2012

Nathan Winograd has raised the alarm: the ASPCA is behind a stealth bill that will undercut core provisions of the Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA) bill that New York State Assemblyman Micah Kellner introduced last year.

Among other things, CAARA requires every animal shelter to provide the following guaranteed care for its animals: fresh food and water, enrichment, regular daily exercise, clean cages and kennels, cages that are appropriate for the animal’s size, proper hygiene, disease prevention, prompt/appropriate/ongoing medical care for its animals, and freedom from pain.

The ASPCA-backed bill (drafted by the ASPCA in conjunction with managers of various kill shelters in New York State) effectively turns CAARA on its head. The ASPCA's bill relieves animal shelters of the CAARA-care requirements while shifting those same requirements onto rescue groups that pull from the shelters.*

New York City's ACC is the largest shelter in the state (actually, in the entire Northeast).

Under the ASPCA Bill, the ACC can continue collecting animals, making them sick, killing thousands of them in the process, and then allowing rescue groups to clean up the mess afterwards.

Anyone familiar with the ACC knows that it relies overwhelmingly on rescue groups for its touted “adoptions” numbers. The word “adoptions” effectively means the animals pulled by rescue groups who then assume the financial and emotional burden of caring for these animals once the ACC has made them good and sick.

CAARA is the answer, not the ASPCA bill.

The ASPCA's bill is scheduled to come to a vote on the NYS Assembly floor this coming Wednesday, February 15th.

If the ASPCA's bill should pass, the ASPCA and its leadership must be held accountable for allowing cruelty (yes, the same word found in the organization's name -- The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to continue at the ACC.

If the ASPCA's new bill should pass, the ASPCA should be held directly responsible for the ACC to continue maintaining disease-ridden and overcrowded shelters, and ensuring the suffering of its shelter animals.

We must -- and can -- defeat this bill.

Click here for instructions on how New York State residents can contact the appropriate elected officials in Albany who will be voting on the APCA bill.

And for those of you who want to let the ASPCA know exactly how you feel about their latest disservice to New York State's shelter animals, please email or post as follows:


Ed Sayres, ASPCA President:

Mary Jo White, Chairman of the ASPCA:

Post Your Opposition to the ASPCA Bill

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*/ It's not as though CAARA would allow just any rescue groups to pull from a shelter. They must be bona fide 501(c)3 charities, in existence for at least a year, with no known criminal or animal abuser association, and have an established relationship with a veterinarian. Finally, the animal shelter reserves the right to investigate any charges of malfeasance by the rescue group.

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